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I've Spent Way Too Much Time at the Sci-Fi Board Today

Here's the latest that I got from This Link.

Mary, James, Grace and Tricia are, at the moment, scheduled to got to the Moore's for dinner and podcasting this evening. Jamie was also to be there, but canceled due to family obligations. Considering no one left the Moore's until after 2am yesterday/today and they had to go to work this morning I sense the Mrs may have had something to say about Jamie going out again tonight. ;) I'm excited to hear what the rest have to say, but it's going to be odd having a Lee and Kara-centric ep with both unavailable to comment.

And apparently the other podcast they did ran four hours and at times it was difficult to hear what anyone was saying because of the placement of the microphone and people talking over each other. I'm wondering if Sci-Fi may do some editing, I can't imagine them putting up a four hour podcast with spots of essentially dead air. Though they apparently intend to put up a disclaimer about the sound issues. It may be up as soon as tomorrow or maybe Sci-Fi will decide it's crap. Who knows with the monkeys there?

Also, the reason they haven't had the actors particpate before is because the podcasts are usually recorded in LA. It still doesn't explain why they can't do commentaries for the DVD releases though.

ETA: Looks like just Grace and Tahmoh (man that guy just loves to show up and surprise people! ;-) did the podcast.
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Tahmoh was there too:

"QUOTE(MrsRon @ Nov 29 2006, 02:33 AM) *
Hello everyone, it's tahmoh here. I've just finished an incredible meal that the lovely Mrs.Ron cooked. We're now enjoying some red wine and reflecting on our conversation last night. I hope you guys enjoy the blog, we had a great time doing it.
I just wanted to thank all of the fans again for being with us the last three and half years. The support, compliments and feedback have been incredible and insightful.
I'm going to get back to my wine now. Be well.

Too cute for words! Hehe.

Love that he says "blog" instead of "podcast".
I did a quick scan of the thread and I see Mary and Grace posted brief comments. Apparently there were problems with the board last night and stopped plans for the actors doing more commenting online. If they ever do this again it would be cool to do it on a weekend so us east coasters could participate.
Yeah, though I think alot the actors head back to LA for the weekend, so they're less likely to be free?

I live on the East Coast... I just was up way too late last night. ;)