Asta 2


Great performance by Hugh, can we finally give the man an Emmy? But, man, I hated this ep. Putting aside that the show should never again tackle legal issues (no way in hell would a judge so quickly tamper with parental rights), we've seen House go off the meds before and a) he did not turn into a crazy person and b) he didn't not give a damn he was endangering a life. But, wait!, we needed that to happen so Tritter could be proved right! House almost killed a patient because he's an addict! And it was a sweet little girl who he nearly killed to boot! As an added bonus we also get him to make Cuddy cry thus causing Wilson to decide he's had enough and betray House. I could analyze this in greater detail, but then I'd have to think about it more and just get more pissed off.
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I knew it was going to be Wilson the fixer who would cave. And this storyline is making me so annoyed that I'm actually nostalgic for Vogler. There isn't a cop in the universe who can close down people's assets and lives like that; please bring my show back into the land of the semi plausible.
Don't forget he was going through hospital records on his day off. There's this thing called HIPAA, you can't just browse through peoples private files. Hey, maybe he can freeze their assets to get them to claim House tried to kill them!
Yeah this storyline majorly bugs. People are acting way out of character and they've made Tritter too smart and too powerful. He's like The Others on Lost, lol. Oh wait, but they're dumb now too.
They just need to stick to House being crabby and treating patients. Quit trying to teach him a lesson and quit trying to paint him as an addict, he has real pain.
YES! to everything you said. Cuddy crying because she won't be a good mom was what bugged me the most. Could we be more contrived and stereotypical with this? Ugh.
When we saw Cuddy in tears my first thought was 'OMG, they actually wrote that House made Cuddy cry.' And you know us emotional women, you just need to call us bad mothers and we burst into tears! If she had blamed the hormone injections I may have been forgiving, but, no, it's because she actually bought into House's cheap shot to lash out at her.
There is generally one episode every season in which I want to throw things at the TV. This was it apparently.
I had the same problems with this ep, but I actually thought Wilson's breaking point was Chase; Chase was whining about how he was right and it still didn't matter to House. Wilson told him House has been wrong before, and that helping the patient should have been enough for him. Chase looked pretty disgruntled when he left Wilson's office, enough to finally turn House in - he's done it before. I thought Wilson felt if anyone turns House in it should be someone who at least will care what happens to him afterwards. I think Wilson will do his best to cut a deal House can live with.

You know my feelings about the whole pain thing ;) This plot is almost as bad as the Vogler fiasco. In fact, I think the show always errs when they try to write some sort of outside conflict for House (Vogler, Stacy, now Tritter). The show is interesting enough with the internal dynamics, they shouldn't mess with that.
Chase may have been the last straw, but I *felt* that seeing Cuddy in tears was the trigger that got him thinking about turning House in. I don't even have an issue with Wilson 'betraying' House, it's how they set up him going about it.

With the pain/detox thing, they've already done this and better, in my opinion. House went through withdrawal before and, yes, he was more of an ass and perhaps not thinking quite as clearly, but he wasn't whiny and heartless to the point of guessing about illnesses and not caring that the patient could die. And punching Chase? He'll evicerate him with his wit, but he's never seemed prone to physical violence like that.