The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

The Lows and The Highs

I refuse to whine (at length) about work, but I must say today SUCKED. I swear, I'm not even hormonal right now and I felt like crying. My friend/co-worker felt bad for me. My boss, who could tell I was not happy, felt really bad for me. And tomorrow, last day of the month, will probably be worse. I went in at 7:30 this morning, not that it did a ton of good, but I may try and do the same tomorrow. I already told The Boss that I was not going to get everything done that needed to be, it's just impossible with NO HELP. Which, yes, he is trying to rectify, but that doesn't do anything for me right now.

I came home to discover the that the orders I placed over the long weekend started to role in. One was my new printer. YAY! In a box three times the size of the printer. BOO! The manager offered me the use of a dolly, but a guy who was there also to pick up a package saw that the box was almost as big as me and offered to take it to my car. I did manage to drag it from my car to my apartment. It looks very shiny and pretty, but I haven't tried using it yet. See, even though it came in a big ass box, Amazon shipped the USB cord I ordered separately. :( In a short while I'm going to try on the clothes I ordered. ::Crosses fingers:: I have four or five more shipments due. My office complex loves me this time a year. Maybe I should bake them cookies or something.

Assuming the chord shows up tomorrow, I'm not sure how much printing I'll get done. News reports predict anywhere from 6 inches to two feet of snow this weekend. I will not be going out shopping for supplies if it's the latter. Plus, I have BSG to obsess over.

I've watched all the preview clips for 'Unfinished Business', discussed them at length, read a rave (spoiler filled so I won't rec it) review today, and have many thoughts. I'm tempted to start a write up before the ep airs which seems nuts, but I can just alter/fill in where needed. Or maybe I should get back to that fic. I've just had no energy to tackle it this past week.

In the OMG! moment of the day. I was perusing various BSG sites including my favorite Czech site and in the latest update dated today there was a picture of Jamie and several links embedded in the (to me) unreadable text. But, hey, you put your curser on top of the link and you can see which sites they are. So, I'm going 'seen it'...'seen it'...'seen it'...jamiebambernews!!! Ok, being linked on LJ is one thing, we rec people and comms all the time, but a site in the Czech Republic! It is a small world.

I have Fantastic Four on. I blame certain people reading this and ABC for pulling The Nine.
Tags: battlestar galactica s3, jamie
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