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This is going to be the great fandom divide ep. The shippers love it and the rest of us, not so much. I had problems across the board (and I’ll get to the other characters), but let’s start with Kara and Lee.

I have zero sympathy for Kara here. She gets to have her cake and eat it too. And what I mean by that is I think she loves both men, perhaps in very different ways, but there was no doubt in my mind that the affection and happiness she shared with Anders when we first see them on New Caprica was real. Contrast that with Lee who when he discovers Dee’s transfer has been approved reveals a look that read to me as, ‘Oh gods, I’m stuck.’ Dee was, without a doubt now, the rebound girl. I do not in any way condone what he did to her. The one thing I can say is that I believe he wanted to make it work. Here’s this great gal who loves him and wants to be with him and he’s just had his heart ripped out and spat on. Lee obviously wants to be happy. His remark to Kara, “Then what’s the point?” when she rebuffs the idea of marriage is very telling. You fall in love, you get married, and you build a life together. That’s what he believes in and wants. He wanted it with Kara and when she, in his mind, eliminates any possibility of that he turns to Dee. I don’t approve, but I get it.

I also kind of get the weight gain. Kara didn’t cause him to get fat, but he had wrapped up too much of his life with her and he held out this hope of being together. She marries Anders then asks to be relieved from duty, thus removing herself completely from him. He just stopped caring, gave up.

OMG, the look on his face when Adama tells him what happened. It just broke me. He goes from being a little bewildered, but happy, to about to lose the contents of his stomach on Adama’s shoes. And how could Adama not know what was wrong? Geez, is he that ignorant when it comes to his son?

Back to Kara…I can’t believe this, but my bile started rising not because up how she treated Lee, but because of how she treated Anders. Way to treat your husband like shit Kara. That was her moment of extreme bitchiness for me. He loves you, he wants to give your marriage another try, and you announce you’re not ready or marriage. You dragged him to the river sweetie. And then to throw his shoes at him and basically tell him his job is done. Ugh.

I am very, very confused as to what I’m supposed to take away from this. Obviously (way too obviously – the ‘Lee/Kara OMG see how in love they are!’ highlights made me want to gag), they are telling us they love each other, they’ve always been *in* love with each other, but this is interspersed with them beating each other to a bloody pulp. I have enough problems with the show continually using violence to solve interpersonal conflict (which I will discuss further in a follow up post), but I have an incredibly hard time accepting that two people who love each other can do this to each other. How can they ever have a healthy relationship with so much ugliness in their past? I’m sorry, if this was real life I don’t know how anyone could support this and the show prides itself on its realism.

I don’t believe for a moment that Lee was able to get over Kara in the past seventeen months, but there was something mature at least about him trying to walk away. Twice he told her it was over on the deck and Kara wouldn’t allow him to move on. And for better and worse he made a commitment to Dee and wanted to try and keep it. I’m not saying he’s right in the choice he made and struggling to make things work, but he did make a choice.

It did piss me off that Kara was able to rise Lee’s ire enough to get him to hit her (again with inciting violence to confront a problem). I wish he hadn’t of done that. Up until then he was taking the high road. But, god, her remarks were ugly. Technically, Kara, YOU were the sloppy seconds. And what the hell was with referring to herself as “another man’s woman”? Nice way to demean yourself. Perhaps that was supposed to show some self-loathing, but I just felt she set feminism back.

OK, yeah, Kara was scared of the complicated relationship she was embarking on with Lee so, out of fear, she ran off and married Anders. I see that, I just don’t understand how that uncomplicates anything. We have four unhappy people right now. And I wonder just how they can make it work if she views them being together as a complication when Lee sees it as the simplest choice in the world.

One bright spot – thank you writers for making it clear that Lee was going to end it with Dee the very next day. It still doesn’t excuse the rebound marriage, but we at least we know it wasn’t his intent to be unfaithful.

Now what? The Dance ended in a stalemate. There was no winner. Anders walking away and Dee’s devastated look would lead me to believe their respective marriages are over. But is the show putting Lee and Kara together now? I find that hard to believe. So the dance shall continue. Sigh.

My other big issue was with Adama. Up until the end of the bout I was confused as to why Adama challenged Tyrol. He was pissed he politely asked to be relived from duty so he could raise his child in fresh air? Was Adama looking to be punished for what happened with Bulldog? No, it was his way of announcing to the crew he should never have become their friend because in doing so he let his guard down and the fleets and look what happened. Forget the part about being under presidential orders, it’s all about you Bill! OK, I actually appreciated him admitting he was running a loose ship, but it just seemed like an odd way of going about making the big announcement.

And enough with the fat remarks! I’ve seen Aaron, he is NOT fat. Again, it was a cheap shot to get a reaction. I also didn’t appreciate Kara’s remark about Lee – that two months ago they would have had to role Lee into the ring.

Why was Lee flashing back to New Caprica while fighting Helo? I’m clueless about that editing there. That Lee apparently challenged Helo is interesting. I’m guessing he’s still harboring some anger about Helo’s choice to save the Cylons in AMoS and wanted a little revenge. Sorry Lee, not going to happen considering your relative sizes. From their stances and gestures in the ring, I don’t sense they truly hate each other. And Helo seemed at a loss as to why Lee was so bent on beating him up so I’m thinking there still is a friendship there, just a little strained. Oh, and I loved his “tough little frakker” remark. :)

I just loved Laura to bits in this episode (and OMG how gorgeous was Mary in that red dress?!). I hate boxing, I don’t get it, but I appreciated how into it she was. And there was a very nice bit of personal history revealed in the process. Her love of boxing came from her love for her father. I’m glad to know at least one character had a good relationship with a parent. :)

The Laura/Adama scenes on new Caprica felt a little forced to me. Granted, alcohol was involved, but if they were that close seventeen months ago why aren’t we seeing any of that now? Is it simply because of their relative positions in the fleet?

Awwwww, Ellen. And Ellen and Tigh! They were so happy. :(

I’ve never thought of Cottle as cute, but, boy, he came close with the mimicking of the flight.

Hey, Lee’s scar was back! ;)

41,422 – Somebody had a baby!

To end on a postive note, the show was well directed, beautifully shot, and had some wonderful performances. And as much as I don't like how they did it, at least we are passed the first hurdle of Lee/Kara.

You know what, I actually feel better now!
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