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More 'Unfinished Business'

Heh. There is a reason I started waiting until Saturday to write down my thoughts and post. After conversing with friends, reading a few analyses, and then, of course, laying in bed with all this whirling about my brain some more thoughts came to me. This has to do with Lee’s characterization (I know, you’re shocked ;) and one further observation about Kara.

brynnmck expressed a frustration that I’m sure she alone did not have – why couldn’t Lee and Kara have expressed their feelings before becoming involved with others? The thing is Lee did, on more than one occasion. In ‘Home’ he kisses Kara, in front of everybody, the moment she steps on board the ship. Later, he tells her he loves. And, OK, given the casual manner in which he said it it did not come off as a grand declaration of romantic love, but the point is he said it and Kara appreciated it because I don’t think she’s heard those words much in her life. Then we had ‘Scar’. Again, drinking was involved causing them to lower their inhibitions. Kara tells Lee and herself that she just wants a quick frak (interestingly she uses Anders for just that in UB), but it’s obvious that Lee wanted it to mean something more. More importantly, once they stop, he wanted to talk to her about what is going with them, with her, but she chooses to run away.

Now let’s go that fateful night on New Caprica. Kara takes Lee to the future site of her cabin in the woods with Anders. Kara is making plans with Anders and leaving her old life, including being a viper pilot which Lee knows she loves, behind. For Kara to make such radical life changes, for her to seemingly do this for someone else, yeah, you would think its love. And Lee seems to be an old fashion guy in that you love someone that much, of course you are going to marry them. Yet Kara hesitates when he talks to her of loving and marrying Anders. Lee sees an opportunity here and maybe his very last one. He has the chance to show her how he feels and, hopefully, get her to admit she has feelings for him in return. So, for me, this wasn’t bad timing, it was perceived by Lee to be the last time. And given the knowledge Lee now had (and a little too much to drink to give him courage) he did what he had to do.

So his actions with Kara make perfect sense to me. And while I don’t like that he married Dee as part of a stupid, selfish, knee-jerk reaction, I still get it on some level. Even the damn weight gain, as I touched on briefly in my last post, starts making some sense to me. As does Dee’s comment in ‘Precipice’ that Lee needs a war to fight. I don’t think Lee needs a war per se, but many of us have agreed that he needs something outside of himself to focus his energy and attentions on.

It seems in the past three years Lee has largely been left with two constants in his life – his feelings for Kara and fighting the Cylons. A different time, a different situation, he’d have many more choices and opportunities as to what to do with his life, but that may be a long time form now, if ever. Kara crushed his last hope of being with her. He was a devastated man upon learning the news of his marriage. After that he’s faced with returning to an empty command. Yes, he has a ship, but nothing to do with it but endlessly and pointlessly circle a planet while others get to move on with their lives. It’s a very, very bad thing when all Lee Adama has left is to live in his head, rehashing all his failures, and dwelling on having no future. Compare Lee here with season 1 and early season 2 Lee who had his responsibilities as CAG and military advisor to the president and a fight to save democracy. As Lee slowly has all responsibilities stripped from him he falls further and further into a depression. I think he tried to use Dee as a way out of that, build a life for himself, but he was still hung up on Kara. So, while I still see the weight gain as lazy storytelling, yeah, part of me gets it.

Now my problems shifts to the being hung up on Kara. Since the writers have opted to take so much away from Lee and giving him very little of significance to do as of late, it’s as if he’s become all about Kara Thrace. (Which could lead to a discussion as to how she has become the focus of the show, but I’ll let others argue that.) Lee has shown his fare share of faults; he can be fearful and he can be weak. It’s what makes him interesting to me. Apollo on the original series bored me to death because he was such a goody-two-shoes, always being brave and doing the right thing. Give me a Lee that freaks out when a believed to be dead Cylon suddenly moves. I can even deal with Lee wearing his heart on his sleeve because that is atypical of a male lead on a TV show. And while Kara is unable or unwilling to concede it, I think it’s clear that Lee wants to love and be loved in return (one reason I’m probably slightly more forgiving than I should be about the Dee marriage).

But when there is so much focus on Lee and Kara as there was here, it’s as if the writers are showing us it’s ALL ABOUT KARA for him. All of his unhappiness and all of his troubles as of late can be traced back to her. Is she part of it? Most definitely, but there is much more to it. It goes back to the lack of job focus, the problems with his dad and, I’m sorry, Zak plays at least a small role in all of this and why won’t they address that? But it’s as if Lee has allowed his life to be dictated by Kara’s actions these past seventeen months, actually longer, and conveys a neediness and desperation I really didn’t see at all up until this episode.

My additional observation (again, assisted by brynnmck) about Kara. Brynn brought up in conversation that Kara wanted to be punished for what she did to Lee. I do believe that to be true, at least in part. I honestly don’t believe that Kara’s is a selfish bitch who didn’t care at all she hurt Lee. The thing is she knows she hurt Lee, badly, and hurt herself in the process. I think she’s been struggling with how to make things right. And one could argue she turns to violence because that’s what she knows. She’s been taught since childhood that you solve problems with hitting. Joining the military would only reinforce that belief.

But I find this increasingly frustrating. There were other ways to get Lee to deal; she took the easiest and fastest way and most damaging way. Could the writers just please have them try to talk? Have Kara trap him in the pilot’s room or on the flight deck, throw him against a wall if you have to (I would take that as acceptable level of violence), and say “I’m sorry. I fraked up and I hurt you.” I could see Lee walking away, not wanting to listen, but inevitably thinking about it all and coming back to her. It worked in ‘The Captain’s Hand’ writers – they reconciled using words, not fists, and OMG I thought they grew as people and characters. But we’re back on the hamster wheel, resorting to solving problems with violence and, really, what did anyone learn?

I have one more post I'm working on. Be afraid people. ;)
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