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BSG Roundtable Discussion

Just an FYI, the BSG podcast with Jamie, James, Tahmoh, Ron, Terry, Henry (a friend of Jamie's from school), and Mark Sheppard (a guest star) is up. It can be found here. I'm listening right now and they are discussing season 1 and '33'....OMG they were almost on UPN??? Um, anyway, it's kind of interesting, but beware of four people talking over each other at any given time. It's also three hours long so I'm highly doubting I'll get through it all tonight. No earth shattering revelations or insights thus far, but if I hear anything interesting I'll let you know.
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OMG UPN? Scary.

I'll probably only have time to listen to a half hour of it tonight, but I won't complain cause it'll give me something to do for the rest of the week while waiting for the next episode.
I only listened to about a half hour tonight too. Hmmm, maybe I'll burn it to disc and take it to work tomorrow. :)
Highly embarrassing quotes from my current AIM convo with Indi:

Me: Oh God. I have to stop listening now, or I'm going to melt into a puddle of LUST.
Indi: He just said "Synesthesia."
Me: GAH! OMG! !!!!!! OH NO HE DIDN'T! *swoon*


I think I'm falling in love with Jamie far more than is healthy.
I think I'm falling in love with Jamie far more than is healthy.

Heh. Join the club. We're still accepting new members. ;)
Henry (a friend of Jamie's from school)

Damn it, if thy're going to be importing friends of Jamie to chat on these things, why can't he invite Ioan 'round? Why? Doesn't Jamie know how happy that would make us?

While part of me is pleased that this is 3 hours long, that means it's too big to put on mu iPod which means I can't listen to it on my work commute. That's damned inconvenient. Finally something I can listen to that (probably) won't make me want smack Ron Moore upside the head with his non-existent Bible and I'm deprived of the mean to listen at my convenience. Damn!
Doesn't Jamie know how happy that would make us?

Maybe he knows that would make you too happy. I mean, let's say we have ten minutes where we hear nothing from Jamie and ioan. You and your Dirty!Bad!Wrong! partners in crime would be writing up a little something to explain their silence/absence. ;p
Ron should stop talking over Jamie, James, and Terry. I enjoy them, and Tahmoh too :)

"Cylons in coffee shops" made me laugh.

Yeah, I'm with Widget. Bring Ioan!