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OK, I left on Studio 60 tonight and I'm sure I just heard no_detective squee very, very loudly. ;-)

Speaking of squeeing, I have a new toy. The USB cable finally showed and I set up my copier/printer/scanner and I scanned! IT'S SO COOL! I can share stuff now! And Canon provided me with some nifty photo editing software with features similar to my old Adobe softeware, plus a few cool new features, and I think I could actually make icons if I find the time and inclination. Wheeee!!!

So, yeah, expect more pic spam from me in the future. :) To start things off, a little something I came across recently in a magazine that a few of you may find of interest. Dedicated to inlovewithnight who was stressing a bit today.

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Some thoughts about Heroes...

I much prefered this episode to last week's BIG episode and I think it was because it was more character driven.

I don't know what to think of Mr Bennett now. I really don't doubt that he is trying to protect Claire, but to what end? He doesn't even trust his wife and son with the knowledge of Claire's abilities and now he wants to wipe Claire's memories as well. Does he believe this is in the best interests of everyone involved? Is there someone else out there that may hurt them if the truth were known? Does he feel he's doing his part to save the world?

And interesting that his henchman is apparently not going to carry out his orders. Will we learn what he told Claire?

Um, how old is Claire? 16? 17? Should have I been getting a vibe between she and Peter? Of course, it's still less disturbing than the vibe I'm getting between Peter and Nathan. Nathan, really, guys, especially brothers, are not that touchy-feely with each other.

Adrian in a tux with the tie undone? Hot.

Eden's dead. Too bad. Not really. It's only unfortunate she didn't take Mohinder with her. Seriously, if they are forcing to work him into and ep and we don't miss him when he's not there he doesn't need to be there. Besides, I think Isaac, now that he's cleaned up and not wasted, can easily take over the role of resident hottie. And he has a purpose! And personality!

When I heard someone was going to die, I thought Niki may opt to kill herself rather than hurt her family. I just wonder how long a jail will hold Jessica.

My one quibble, Claire and Zach have only been best buds for two weeks??? Did I miss something?
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