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No deep thoughts on this one, just some observations and a few questions.

I don’t know how I feel about this episode. I think after the build up to ‘Unfinished Business’ and the copious amounts of discussion that generated whatever followed was bound to be a bit of a letdown. Though I have to say I was more emotionally involved in the ep then I would have expected. Watching the pilots fly through the passage was almost nail biting. And I was nearly sheering for Kat to succeed and surprisingly choked up at the end when she died. Luciana really impressed me with her death bed scene. Damn. Why did they have to kill her off? Oh, yes, to remind us that they are all vulnerable…accept Lee, Kara, Helo, and Sharon, of course. ;)

While I usually hate the C players getting focus over the leads, I think it worked here. Kat’s story presented yet another interesting twist on the redemption so many of them seek. The holocaust was her salvation in a way. Near the bottom rung of society and some would argue humanity before the attacks, she volunteered to become a viper pilot and put her life on the line to save others and did so right up to her final mission.

I’m a little confused as to why the radiation affected Kat so much more severely than the rest. And she traded her radiation tag with Helo’s, yet he, too, flew the final mission so no one was really being honest about those things were they?

Didn’t Adama tell them all last week that he got too close to them and there would be no more of that? HA! And making Kat CAG for a day? Seems rather sappy for an Admiral.

I was actually giddy though when Adama mentioned Zak. He remembered he had another son! But BIG HONKING RETCON ALERT, did we all pick up on that he called Zak and Lee’s mom Carolanne? So Jamie wasn’t wrong when he used that name as his mother’s in his Lee bio/analysis. In the mini we clearly heard Caroline and in ‘Scattered’ we have Tigh refer to the new wife Anne. This led most, if not all of us, to believe he was married twice. Heck, even Adama’s brief bio on the Sci-Fi site mentions two wives. But I always wondered what happened to wife No 2 and why he was still wearing a wedding ring. As much as I hate retconning, this does solve some continuity and timeline issues such as Tigh stating they’ve known each other over thirty years and “the new wife” helping Adama get back into the military. I’ll leave a more detailed analysis of this development to beccatoria who has been obsessing over the timeline lately. ;)

Is anyone else depressed as I am that after everything they’ve already been through they now have their food contaminated, must subsist on algae, and lose at least two more ships and many more lives to get to this new food source. Geez, why do they bother to go on?

Gaeta didn’t exactly hide his displeasure at seeing Tigh return to duty. To be fair, it sucks to have to take orders from the guy who tried to kill you.

If Jane Espenson managed to do one thing it was make me interested in the Cylon storyline. I’m really happy to see Baltar is as curious as we are about the final five models. And Lucy did a great job of conveying D’Anna’s confusion, desperation, and fear. This time around I didn’t see someone who considered herself god-like or ascending to some higher plain (sorry, too much ‘Stargate’ viewing), but someone seeking seemingly unattainable knowledge and trying to make sense of her place in the universe.

I’m still confused by Kara’s confrontation of Kat. At Kat’s bedside we get some acknowledgment that she was identifying with her - “everyone is stuck with the things we’re not proud of” – but I wanted to scream ‘Hypocrite!’ earlier. The first thing that popped into my mind as she was chewing Kat out was her own failure to mention her complicity in Zak’s death until two years later.

And I’m not sure how offering Kat the sleeping pills worked. I suppose it was meant to be viewed as a final act of kindness so she wouldn’t have to suffer, but why would she think Kat would choose to do that? It seemed an odd character beat.

Have you noticed I’ve gone this far without talking about Lee? ;) Not much to say about him really. He actually had a decent size role given the storyline and he did his job well, so I have no complaints. And I’m not sure this was Jamie’s call or the director’s, but I liked that while everyone else was still applauding Kat’s success, Lee gets this look of realization that all is not well and he begins moving towards her just before she collapses.

I would have liked some acknowledgement of where Kara and Lee stand after last weeks events, but I’m not sure where they could have fit it in. I liked the shot at the end with Lee walking into the corridor and coming to a stop, waiting for Kara. There was noting shippy about it, but a sign that they are at least on friendly terms again, him sensing that she’ll need him, and just being there for her.

41,420 – Which means two died since last week. And considering they lost the crews on those two ships the number will be even smaller next week. :(
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