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Podcast for 'The Passage'

Ron has a cold. So listening to his stuffed up nose for 45 minutes was not fun. Then again, being under the weather meant he was pretty sedate and not telling us how clever he is so YAY!

It seems there was a lot of stuff cut from this episode. More than usual. At what point do they realize the scripts are too big for a roughly 45 minute episode?

This was one of the most harrowing eps in quite awhile (Since the occupation? Since the talk of genocide? ;p) and similar in mood and tone to ‘33’. We see the desperation, exhaustion, fatigue, and toll on the pilots.

The idea was to demonstrate the fleet’s survival problems while also creating a gauntlet that the fleet had to go back and forth through.

We’re to assume that when they left New Caprica they had some food as well as some emergency supplies on the ships left up in space. That got them through initial stages of escape, plus some sort of food processing of organic material helped keep them going.

The main story changed very little from the outline, but the Cylon story changed quite a bit. It was to have involved baby Hera a lot more (Oh, they do remember Hera!) and D’Anna sleeping with Baltar and Caprica was to cause much discussion amongst the other Cylons as they wonder what is up with the Six’s and Eight’s? This was to help show that the Cylon society is beginning to unravel. It took too much time.

There was also a Laura storyline that was cut, but elements found there way into later episodes.

Kat died because there had to be a price to pay going through the passage and they didn’t want it to be a nameless guest star.

The story with Enzo was conceived as being more involved. He was blackmailing Kat for food; she was stealing to buy his silence. But his most valuable role was to tell us she wasn’t who she said she was so the rest was cut for the script.

When the show began Ron thought that flying a viper and raptor would be specialties. But there came times when he wanted Kara or Lee in a particular scene involving a raptor. Now he can rationalize that given the situation they are in there would be an incentive to learn to fly both.

There was some interesting Helo stuff cut. We were to find out that, due to his months spent on Caprica, Helo is deathly afraid of radiation. There were sequences of him being afraid to get back in the cockpit and talking to Sharon about it and eventually forcing himself to do it.

Throughout the podcast, Ron talks about saving character moments at the sacrifice of plot details. He referenced the scene on the deck involving Lee leading his men, as one of those important moments. OMG HE PRESERVED A LEE MOMENT!

The D’Anna scenes were longer with more discussion of the final five.

The Kara/Kat scene was also longer. It opened with an argument between the two and Kat eventually pushes Kara away. As Kat is leaving Kara hollers out, “Where are you going Sasha?” Kat freezes, knows she is busted, and sits down. That's where we see the scene begin.

Following the pilot briefing scene, Kat goes to Adama with her concerns about using stims. Then Kara goes to Adama to tell him that Kat is out of control. Adama agrees with Kat and Kara is taken aback. Those exchanges went away because it made Kat look petty by going around Kara and Lee and Kat didn’t seem to do enough in the ready room to have Kara go to Adama. Ultimately, both Kat and Kara came off as running to dad to whine.

When they were doing pick up scenes earlier in the season, a scene between Adama and Kat was filmed that took place on the deck before the New Caprica rescue mission. He told her explicitly that he trusted her. The scene was, in part, to set up this ep, but they found they didn’t need it in Exodus with everything else going on.

Why would she sleep with Enzo? Human beings tend to reach out and need comfort and intimacy. Kat believes she’s not coming back from the mission, so he thought it made sense for her to have sex with him.

The reason the pilots don’t have visors is that this is film and you need to see the characters faces. It’s the same reason the interior of their helmets are lit up – it makes it easier to see their faces.

After Kat fell everyone rushed over to her and called for Cottle, but how bad her condition was already seemed obvious.

Luciana fond out Kat was dying before Ron and David told her. Apparently she called a friend from the airport and asked her to give her the gist of the script. Ron feels really bad about their screw up.

There was a shot of Enzo standing in doorway of sickbay. It was cut because no one cares about Enzo and he doesn’t deserve our sympathy for losing her.

The line about Adama wanting girls was autobiographical. Ron always thought he’d have house full of girls. It’s also helps to establish why Adama adopted Kara and Kat.

This has already been widely reported ;), but there was another scene with Lee and Kara. They’re sitting with their backs against the wall, bouncing a ball, and discussing that they don’t quite know what to do with their feelings from UB, but that now is not the time to address it.

The ending went on longer. Kara turns around and then she and Lee rush into each other arms and they hold on tight. (Sounds a little melodramatic to me.) But they preferred having Kara caught up in the moment, acknowledging the feeling of loss, and then having us see Lee is there for her.
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