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As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly

Yes, my fellow WKRP fans a joyous day is upon us. The show is to be released on DVD in April! I can't believe ut never dawned on me that the hold up had to do with musical rights. Duh! I can only think of a few eps that I really identify a certain song with so, hopefully, the changes won't be too noticable.

On the downside of today (other than work), I arrived home to find the last package I was waiting for to complete packages and mail stuff out. Target date for mailing is Wednesday. Unfortunately, the company screwed up my order. ::weeps:: I've called them and explained the situation, but this ain't Amazon so they need to receive the wrong merchandise before sending out the new merchendise so it could be a week before I get what I ordered. The only thing I'm really pissed off about is I'm cheap and I was going to send cards with the packages, but now I need to send them seperately because I want to make sure I get all the cards out at least before the holidays.

Now off to the store to pick up dinner and some mailing materials. Of course, in all my planning I forgot about a little thing called packing tape.

Anyone watching The Lost Room tonight? I'm guessing it will either be really good or a complete disaster.
Living on the air in Cincinnati
I'm TiVo'ing The Lost Room, since I have nothing better to do. Heh. I'm going to hope for the best.
Re: Living on the air in Cincinnati
Eh. It was OK. I was more excited by the promo clips I was seeing. :)
Yay for WKRP! I'd forgotten how much I loved that show until I watched the flying turkey ep before Thanksgiving. Total awesome comedy.
I haven't seen it it years, but all I have to do is think about particular scenes and I still laugh. I'll be deliriously happy to have the Thanksgiving ep on DVD. :)
I heard that there was going to be trouble changing songs as needed because the dialog and songs were all recorded together. I hope they won't have to cut any of the scenes because of that. And I can't wait to here Les announce again that New York is being attacked by a giant lizard.
Hopefully with today's technology they can separate the dialog from the music without it being too noticable. I know in the 70's no one was thinking about video and DVD rights, but even with the first season of 'Las Vegas' they had to make many song changes on the DVD release - including the theme song!
Yippee!! Yahoo!! I'll be saving my nickels and dimes until April!!

If the creator of the show seems satisfied, it's good enough for me.
I just had a customer come into the store last week asking if WKRP was on DVD, and I told her all about the music rights and so forth, and said that I didn't know if it would ever be released. D'oh! But I'm really pleased to hear that it will be, because it's one of my favorites.
Speed kills!
Or not. In this case.

I can't wait till April. Which, coinkydink, is someone's birthday!!!!
Yes, my fellow WKRP fans a joyous day is upon us. The show is to be released on DVD in April

That's great! :)