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My Xmas Stocking

Ok, I just figured out what the Xmas stocking meme is about. And I'm basically doing this because I have a feeling I know what you'll fill it with. ;)

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OMG it's 1am and I'm still up. Made a significant dent in the card writing and gift packing up. I may actually make my goal of mailing stuff out Wednesday! Assuming I don't crash from exhaustion when I get home tomorrow and the birthday dessert I promised to make goes smoothly...once I figure out what I'm making.

The Lost Room - it wasn't horrible, but I sat there for two hours trying to figure out what the point of it all was. Is it just me or does it not have much of a story? On the plus side, I saw the new promo clip for this week's BSG and I'm getting excited about the ep. Looks like they may be addressing some plot threads that have been ignored recently.
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