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Apparently my Life is not as Boring as I Thought

On the surface, I had a boring weekend. Spent it by myself at home. Saturday I lounged about watching DVD's and plowing through a huge old stack of magazines that I had accumlated - some dating back to April. Hey, did anyone else know Buffy was ending? ;)

Saturday, I tried to find webspace to upload/download/whatever wisteria_'s mood icons before they go bye-bye. After two attempts totaling four hours and my internet connection timing out every twenty minutes, I thought I was finished...only to find out it's not working. Sigh. I'll try again when I'm less stressed about it. Maybe the other site I wanted to use to host the images will have their server situation resolved by then.

Anyway, as to why my life isn't as boring as I thought. I got to listen to two of my co-workers discuss the weather for twenty minutes today. The Weather. Along with wether or they chose to open their windows this weekend. What their A/C is set at. What laundry they chose to do. What groceries they purchased.

And though Sheryl actually did something - met friends at a campsite for the day - all she managed to discuss was the mosquito situation, how the fire pit was flooded, and what food went to waste because of it. She also had to bring up her nephews collic (sp) again and how he's still too small for his age.

Why do I mention all of this? Other than to vent about what I have to suffer through every single day. It dawned on me that my co-workers (most of them) are devoid of any sort of imagination. Why else blather on about the weather? It rained, the end. How about discussing the energy problem and what could be done? or how such and such movie had a crap ending? Or how a book you're reading made you think?

Now, it's always bugged me a bit that I don't get out and about much, but which is better? Keeping physically busy and occupying your time without much thought? Or giving your thoughts a lot of time? I'll pick the latter.

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