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Non-Spoilery Bits of an Interview with Ron

Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune has a HIGHLY SPOILERY interview with Ron Moore about the latter half of Season 3. I'm not going to talk about the spoilery bits here (beccatoria feel free to e-mail me. ;) But there are some non-spoilery bits I want to share and would love to discuss.

Is Lee still with Dualla? Does she know the extent of what went on between Lee and Kara? Is she going to find out?

"We actually played that a lot of different ways in various drafts. I think where it ultimately shakes out is that Dualla seems to be nobody’s fool, and kind of knows something and has decided not to know too much. [She’s] sort of building a resentment in her heart, but at the same time, [she] knew what she was getting when she married Lee. She knew how much Kara meant to him, whether he said it out loud or not, she sort of always thought she was on a bit of borrowed time in the relationship and chose to accept it anyway.”

But it seems to me, it could be a situation where she could walk away, and let him work out whatever he needs to with Kara.

“There was a big speech for her that got cut from ‘Unfinished Business.’ She and Lee were in the Raptor, on the way back to Galactica, after Starbuck had jilted him and married Anders and all that.

“He impulsively asked her to marry him, and she had this lovely speech about the fact that she just knew that eventually Kara Thrace was coming back into his life, but they’re all on borrowed time -- she was going to be echoing what Laura said in the same episode, ‘Who knows what tomorrow’s going to bring.’ But right now, today, she wanted to marry him, she’ll accept [the proposal]. She’ll take whatever she can get, because everything has been taken from these people so many times, they have to grab on to what they have in the moment.”

It sounds like a big bunch of self-justification to me.

“And it is. [laughs] It absolutely is.”

So it would seem that those of us who felt Dee knew something, if not everything, were on the mark. And I kind of had the feeling that she wanted Lee so badly that she was willing to accept the situation, being second choice, but thinking she could make it work. The interesting twist is the speech she gives Lee after the proposal. When I first read this description I was very upset we didn't get to see this. It explains a lot about the foundation of the marriage and why they seem comfortable with each other, but that there seems to be a lack of passion between them. It makes sense when you live with the knowledge that any day could be your last, you take happiness where you can find it and live in the moment. But the more I thought about what this scene says, the more I wonder if it was a good idea it was cut. If she explicitly said she knew Kara would one day be back in his life then it, even given the living in the moment idea, it's rather sad and pathetic that you knowingly marry someone who you believe is going to leave you as soon as he gets a second chance. Yeah, you may die tomorrow, but I wouldn't want to live each day wondering if my husband is going to walk out the door and not come back. Or if he's thinking about someone else when he's with me.

“I think it’s sort of an undefinable relationship. There’s something there, hovering around the edges. But I think they’re both, in a way, they’re both sort of trapped by the positions they have. And unwilling to sort of complicate their professional roles by a layer of something personal.

"But, that said, in the missing year [on New Caprica], when we flashed back, we saw, briefly, they at least looked at each other and thought about it. Once she wasn’t president, once he was just the captain of the ship, punching holes in the air, day after day, with nothing really to do, they let their guard down. They can hang out and smoke pot together. They can be sort of intimate and relaxed.

“But it seems that even in that circumstance, they did not choose to pursue a romantic relationship. But it was at least around in the ether. And I think probably it was in the ether for both of them all the time. Each looks at the other as the only logical person that they sort of have, on an emotional, personal level, as a potential candidate for one another. Given the parameters of humanity, who else do they really have?

“So I think there’s a sense of, you can’t imagine either one starting to date someone new, and yet there is no formal or informal understanding between the two of them that there is a relationship. It’s definitely something that hovers more in the margins than in the text.

“And a lot of it quite frankly is informed by the performances, especially the way Eddie [Edward James Olmos, who plays Admiral Adama] and Mary [Mary McDonnell, who plays President Laura Roslin] play it. There was the episode we did last season, when she was still dying of cancer and she got up and he just kissed her, impulsively, he ad-libbed it. And her reaction was in character, but also ad-libbed. And we kept it in the show, and just said, that’s who they are and we continue to find that the way they deal with each other as actors on set, that’s just the way they play the characters.”

I have to jump on this - Each looks at the other as the only logical person that they sort of have, on an emotional, personal level, as a potential candidate for one another. Given the parameters of humanity, who else do they really have?

Who else do they have? Um, I could think of someone in Laura's case! And, no, I'm not going to shove my ship down your throat, but I am aggrevated that Ron can't seem to see the potential for any other pairings other than the obvious ones on this show. Sigh.

A Fourth Season:
“Yes, I would really like a fourth season of the show.”

When’s that going to be decided?

“We’re moving to Sunday nights [as of Jan. 21], which is a major thing that we want everyone to know, and they’re going to see how the ratings are on Sunday night. We’re not expecting [to find out about] a pickup [for a fourth season] until late January or beginning of February, somewhere in that ballpark.”

Well, that's just great. I thought it was all but a done deal and now Ron is telling us nothing is certain. Argh.
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