Asta 2

And On The Second Day of Christmas.....

Just got home form the office holiday party and OMG SO TIRED. But of course I had to check LJ. ;) And I also remembered I promised twelve days of pretty and I'd hate to screw up on Day 2.

Is it just me or was Jamie already working on the Lee Adama smirk? ;)

And I'm afraid that is all I got for tonight. Did I mention Teh Tired?
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Um, I may be working on a little A/H ficlet. I want to get a draft to my beta this weekend. Any chance once she's done you can take a look just to see if my voice/characterization is OK? She's seen the films, but I'd like someone with a little more faniliarity to take a second glance. :)
Hehehe. Oh yes, that's a lovely, naughty smirk. :-D

Sorry you're tired, but thanks for thinking of us!
Awwww, the sailor boys! *nostalgic swoon*
There's a nascent Lee there just beneath the surface, for su-ure!
Very nice indeed! I wasn't able to work any sailors into my own 12 days, so I'm glad to see them represented here. *g*
You weren't?! For shame. I actually don't know how I'll fill all the days. You may all be seeing a lot of Jamie. ;p
I'm grateful for the two soldier boys despite your tiredness :) As least I hope there was good food at the party!