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So I totally rewrote my post from yesterday. I probably did some characaters some favors. ;-)

Lee and Kara aren’t so much “trapped” as Lee put it, but screwed. Both made rash decisions and now have to deal with the fall out. That could be interesting, the divorce twist, I’m not so sure of.

I still wish we had a scene specifically showing the two talking. Obviously there has been some discussion; Lee revealed that Kara expressed her marriage was failing. Maybe that gave Lee hope for their future because Kara sharing anything private is rather a big deal. But I still have this nagging thought that neither has really faced what it would be like to be in a relationship. Sure, they love each other, but have they ever really spent any prolonged time together? The reality of living with each other day to day would set in fast. What happens when Lee, her superior officer, reams her out or grounds her? Or she disobeys a direct order? Or, on a more personal level, refuses to open up to him? Try hoping into bed together after that.

I’m leaning towards them not having had sex fro several reasons. Dee apparently has been tagging along on the meet and greets up until now. Lee pushed Kara away as they were on the verge of doing more. And there is Kara’s “You can’t cheat” comment. It establishes for me that there is a line Lee won’t cross. Of course, if a podcast turns up Ron may declare they have been going at it like rabbits and blow my theory.

That’s not to say I’m condoning what is going on, it’s still cheating. And while neither comes off looking good, I’ll give Lee two points. First, he tells Kara that she’s breaking a sacrament every time they do whatever it is they are doing. I think most people watching the show and most of the characters in the show would not separate the marriage oath from fidelity. If “bending the rules” is OK, then why sneak around and feel guilty about it? This seems to be not a widely accepted viewpoint, but something Kara has chosen to believe. Tyrol made a comment about the faith leading me to believe there is only one religion and Kara is picking and choosing which sacraments to take to heart.

I do believe that she is at least, in part, using it as an excuse to (I’m sorry, I have to say it) have her cake and eat it too. It’s quite clear that Lee wants a commitment. When she makes the comment that they aren’t making a big deal out of this it rather shocked me. She really doesn’t get him, does she? It’s obvious before he even says the words that it is a big deal for him. This is not a guy who does casual relationships. Just look at his involvement with Shevon. And it’s the commitment part that scares her. Reading about this scene before actually seeing it did not convey how casually Kara was approaching all this. I’m not saying it is casual for her, but that she’s playing at it being causal because it’s safer for her that way. She can have a fling with Lee and when it fails she can go back to Anders or at least use him as an excuse to extricate herself from the situation.

The other point I give Lee is that he is obviously racked with guilt and disgusted with himself over all this. Not that I feel sorry for him, regardless of Kara, Lee can still divorce Dee and should if he doesn’t love her as he should. But he won’t because Lee wants someone to love and needs someone to be there for him. It’s selfish and needy, but I sense that Lee can no longer stand the thought of being alone even if it would be the healthiest situation for him.

I’ve seen people pose the scenario of Lee divorcing Dee and Kara staying married and then continuing with an affair. I don’t see this working because Lee believes if you love someone you commit to that person. I’m sure when he brought up divorce he not only had thought about that, but had had visions of he and Kara marrying. Lee could not be the ‘other man’ who is how he’d view himself because he’s not her husband; he’s not the one she made an oath to. And it seems to me that he takes the marriage oath seriously, he wouldn’t be so devastated by his actions of late if he didn’t, but when he took the oath it was to his wife, not the gods, and I have a feeling that this is something he and Sam have in common.

Ultimately, my issue with using divorce as yet another contrivance to impede the progress of the Lee/Kara relationship is based on personal belief. I know people who don’t have strong religious beliefs, are agnostic, or have not stepped foot in a church in years. Yet the idea of cheating on a spouse they would find abhorrent. These are people who have strong moral beliefs irrelevant of religion. On the flip side, I work at an office where I hear people discuss going to church every single Sunday, yet Monday thru Friday are screwing around with some secretary behind their families backs. So, yeah, I have a huge issue with Kara’s excuse. If you are so damned worried about your soul, don’t go around hurting people and seemingly not care. And, ultimately, I don’t think god/the gods want you disrespecting yourself or others.

And if Kara really does have such stringent beliefs how will this complicate things with Lee, the non-believer should they ever get their acts together? I’m sure the writers haven’t thought about that.

I’m having Anders issues again. While Kara pushed him away, he also chose to walk away - twice. When he had had enough in UB and couldn’t watch any longer, I sympathized with him and respected him. But now he’s acting like the wronged husband. Once he made his choice, he left the door open for Kara to move on. As far as we know she’s made no effort to go back to him, to lead him on, so what right does he have to be pissy about what he thinks she’s doing? Especially if she’s done it before. By the way, I don’t believe she was slutting around New Caprica. I believe he just said that to get to Lee, which he did. If it was true, it doesn’t put him in the best light either. Apparently it’s alright to sleep around as long as you have no feelings for the other person. So we have Tigh and Ellen version 2.0 now?

And since they insisted on inserting the divorce issue, what about the other side of it? If Dee believes her husband loves another woman and is having an affair, dump his ass. After UB, I could understand her trying to work things out, but that’s before we knew that a lot has been going on between Lee and Kara and that the feelings aren’t going away. Does she really have so little self-respect? From Anders various confrontations with Lee it’s obvious he’s not giving up on his wife. But what if he did give up? If he filed for divorce can Kara fight it? Is she absolved from breaking a sacrament if she doesn’t actively seek to break it?

And in other plot points….

Adama not knowing about the baby. Great, he didn’t lie to Sharon, but this doesn’t make much sense to me. Isn’t Adama the admiral of the fleet and the guy who supposedly knows everything that is going on? Or is this a further indication of is cluelssness? I just have a real tough time imagining Laura able to smuggle the baby off Galactica without his knowledge. And while I can buy Laura not telling him, Cottle wouldn’t say anything to his superior officer? Cottle is his own man, but also a military man and I find this a little hard to believe.

I do appreciate the fact that this seemingly provides a bump in the road of their relationship. They were getting a little too cozy and I don’t mean in the romantic sense. If these two start seeing eye to eye on everything and don’t fight each other once in awhile it’s not only bad for the fleet, it’s bad drama.

I loved Laura. First when she walked out on Baltar because she’d had enough of his double dealing and smarmy charms. (And where the hell does he get off calling her Laura? They’re not friends!) And then when she made no attempt to apologize for taking Hera and hiding her. She believes what she did was right so what is there to apologize for? Given that the Cylons took Hera and are now so concerned about her health I can’t say she was wrong in her belief that hiding the child was the best course of action. Assuming Sharon and Helo get her back, do we expect the Cylons will leave them alone?

Speaking of Helo, I’m a bit confused by his speech. It was nice that we got another Zak reference and it was a smart parallel to draw, but why is he dredging up painful memories fro Adama and attacking him? Demand to see the president and give her an earful. If Adama had no knowledge of what had gone down he could not have prevented his suffering.

Was it just me or did Boomer seem off? I would have expected more of a reaction, perhaps some longing, returning to her former home, but we got nothing. I did sense some anger, maybe directed at Athena who has usurped her position in the fleet. I always felt Grace acted the role of Caprica Boomer/Athena better than Galactica Boomer and since she hasn’t had to play the one role in so long it’s possible her weaknesses were showing again.

I really adored seeing Lee in command and leading the mission on the planet. That is the Lee Adama I know and love. And we got to see some character growth! Back in ‘Act of Contrition’ he, along with Adama, was willing to endanger the fleet to save Kara and now, as painful as it might be, he’s willing to sacrifice her for, not only the mission, but the lives of the rest of those under his command. I think much of this sense of responsibility comes from being the commander of Pegasus.

It also sets up a nice parallel with Adama ready to nuke the planet and wiping out his family to prevent the Cylons from getting the Eye and reaching earth. Unfortunately, undercutting his actions and any suspense for me in the cliffhanger is the fact that while the show is not opposed to killing off characters they are not wiping out half the cast including two of the core four in one swoop.

D’Anna is so doomed. Making plans without consulting the rest of the Cylons is not a good idea. Actually, I wonder if it will occur to them that her self serving actions are a very human attribute. And I also wonder if Six, the woman scorned, will be the one to ultimately take her down. Putting aside D’Anna’s machinations interfering with the Cylon plans, she stole her boyfriend! Baltar, who was angry at Laura for not acknowledging all the times he supposedly saved them, seems to have forgotten the numerous times Six has saved his ass. But he and D’Anna seem too wrapped up in believing they are chosen and have a destiny. Something tells me they are in for a rude awakening.

Odds and Ends…

We got a previously involving Lee and Racetrack (?) not seen before. However, I can see why they used it here (it explained well why they were on the algae planet), but would have seemed very redundant in ‘The Passage’.

41,402 survivors. Last week there were 41,420 survivors. So, Kat and only seventeen civilians died? I find that number a little low.

So we have The Temple of Five and five unseen Cylon models. Nope, no coincidence there. I had a wacky thought the first five Cylons created themselves in the images of the five gods. And that Kara looks exactly like one of them and that’s where her destiny comes in.

Sweaty Lee and Anders. Um, where was I? Just how hot was that planet? They should have been downing water by the gallon.

I hate to say it, but Cavil made a really good point about wiping out the humans and finding earth in their own sweet time.

The ending of the ep felt very rushed. We had the Laura/Adama confrontation, the Helo/Sharon/Adama confrontation, the Lee/Anders confrontation and nuking the planet all in about five minutes.

And I once more have to point out that it was Laura who brought up Lee. Nope, didn’t bring up the people down there, just Lee. :)

Silly me expected clips of moments from various plot arcs involving various characters. But, no, it’s the Lee/Kara/Anders/Dee show! Are they serious? Do they ever look at their own forum? At least half the people watching could give a rat’s ass about this aspect of the show and half of those people want to see Lee and Kara gone or at least marginalized. And not only do they play up that aspect, they play up the worst aspects of it. OMG, I despised Dee. So this is her role now – martyr. “My husband ordered me to risk my life to save yours…I’m bring Starbuck back to Apollo.” Really? I have a hard time buying the first statement. Didn’t Lee just have a gun drawn on Anders to stop him from rescuing his wife? Doesn’t he feel horribly guilty for what he’s done to Dee? I just can’t buy him sending Dee off for selfish reasons. There has to be more to it. And bringing Starbuck back to Apollo? Oh, PUH-LEEZE. Maybe you can fix the bed before they have sex in it while you are at it. Ya know what, if she really is going to be this big of a doormat and play the martyr card, she deserves whatever she gets.
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  • White Collar: Under the Radar

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