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The Minute I Think I'm Out...

...those bastards at ME pull me back in.

This afternoon I had had it with fandom, ready to chuck it all in and then what happens? I watched Touched tonight. Is it just me or is Spike's speech to Buffy on why he loves her like perfect? Could the words have been any better? Could James' acting been more superb? Could Sarah's reactions have been more sublime? I don't think so. And they shouldn't have had sex, it would have ruined it. Can't believe I'm saying that. :p

And remember folks, tomorrow is No Damn Kerfuffle Day (OK, I added the Damn). If anyone is looking for some icons to celebrate and show unity check out the talented jidabug.
I haven't rewatched Touched yet, but the first time I saw that scene it made me cry. And you're right, sex would have cheapened the moment. I wouldn't have minded seeing a bit of sex in End of Days or Chosen, though.
Hey, a newbie! Hi Molly. :)

Have to agree with you, I wouldn't have minded a bit of sex either. Actually, I wouldn't have minded a whole lot of sex. ;)
It's actually pretty funny when you're unaware of a kerfuffle until it's over. And then suddenly people are celebrating the non-event of an event that as far as you knew was non to start with.

And, yes, Touched was perfect. Jaw-dropping, soul-soaring perfect. Was there ever such intimacy between a man and a woman?

I know. We have, collectively, gotten such a gift with this whole Buffyverse Legend. There is no bad here. I am willing to embrace and forgive the kerfufflistas because I recognize the underlying passion. No one would care so much about something that wasn't worth it.

(PS: I can envision a Spike and Buffy lovemaking scene on the last night. It would have been different from anything we'd seen before. It would have been a completion, a benediction. And it would have made sense: two warriors exchanging power in anticipation of the battle.)

I am goofy, am I not?
I am goofy, am I not?

Yes, you are, but that's why we love you.

And you put what we would have liked to have seen so beautifully. Me? I just wants the smut. :p
Not a shipper, but...
I loved and adored the Buffy/Spike scenes in "Touched" and especially this one beyond measure, for this very reason. And I agree that sex at this point would have ruined it. Buffy in earlier seasons had the tendency, both with Riley and with Spike, to offer sex instead of emotional connection. And she wanted to change this. The intimacy of this night was much greater than all the season 6 passion. Not to say you can't have both; just not on this particular occasion.

I agree with caille - sex in Chosen would be believable and different. But you know, one of the many great things about "Chosen" is that it really doesn't matter whether or not Buffy and Spike had sex one last time there or just cuddled. Whatever happened, it's theirs.
Re: Not a shipper, but...
Buffy in earlier seasons had the tendency, both with Riley and with Spike, to offer sex instead of emotional connection. And she wanted to change this.

Beautifully and simply put...and from a non-shipper! :)

While I agree they could have had sex later (in my mind they did in Chosen) to have had it after the emotional breakthrough in Touched would have just cheapened the moment. (Not to mention typical of what most shows would have opted to do.)

It provides a catharsis for them both. In that one scene Buffy finally expresses her feelings and she shares in a way with Spike that he has longed for for years. While they may have connected on a physical level in season 6, it's the emotional connection that he was desperate for.

Going back to Intervention Buffy discussed her fears of being cold and emotionally shut off - to be unable to love - that she was simply the Slayer. Just watch her face when Spike explains to her why he loves her (and did Angel ever bother to do that?). It's not because she's the Slayer and unattainable, it's because of ner magnificance as a woman. What makes her a great Slayer is the person she is. As a shipper ;), in that moment, no one can tell me Buffy didn't love Spike.
Touched is perfect. That's another episode that makes me cry like a baby. Who wouldn't love Spike? Who wouldn't love Buffy? Who wouldn't love the show?

::runs off to watch Touched for the seventy-second time::
The B/S scene was lovely but the best part of Touched was Faith opening the box to show the timer ticking down. I was bouncing up and down and giggling like Drusilla.