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On The Sixth Day of Christmas...

Either I'm being clever, silly, or lame.  You decide! ;)

Six!  (Didn't the icon clue you in? ;) Technically Tricia. If you think she's gorgeous on BSG, you should see her in real life, she's even prettier.  If she wasn't so sweet, funny, and smart, I'd probably hate her for it. ;)  And who thought a former Victoria's Secret model could actually act?!  Too bad she's been Bambered this season. (My new expression for a lead on the show subjected to lame characterization and slightly larger than cameo appearances. ;p)

The famous red dress.

One of her many covers.  I had no idea how many she had done!  This was my fave because of the sophsitication of the image and pushing brains as well as beauty.

I just thought it was a cool pic. :)
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