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Podcast for 'Eye of Jupiter'

You people owe me! :p

The episode was called ‘Eye of Zeus’ for a very long time. They changed name because ‘Eye of Zeus’ seemed too mystical and over the top and ‘Eye of Jupiter' seemed less hokey. (Er, Okay) It also allowed them to broaden the pantheon of gods and references in the BSG universe. He believes they have used either Roman names before.

The algae planet – early versions close to where they ended up, but the process of discovering the temple was different. Cally was going to find a human bone fragment which would lead them to use radar ground imaging. They discover an underground city buried over time and begin to start looking in more earnest. The Cylons then show up and Adama bluffs them while they try to find the Eye. Tyrol and Cally end up falling through the roof into the structure. Again, this was cut for expense in an already expensive episode, but they also had already done the gag with finding a human skull so it seemed repetitive. Instead they have Tyrol have a ‘Close Encounters’ moment. (Having not seen the film, I’m not sure what that means.)

Ron’s analysis of Lee/Kara basically jives with ours. Lee is the one willing to divorce and make a clean break as he was in UB. Kara falling back to her religious beliefs, declaring she made a vow she won’t break. Ron points out human beings rationalize the strangest things, that it’s part of human behavior. And while Kara can’t divorce, can’t break that covenant, she’ll cheat while married, but, for Lee, the thought of lying and cheating is awful to him.

For the algae planet to be somewhat believable they felt they couldn’t go to the forests – this was as close to barren as they could get. He also explains they don’t go around harvesting the bushes, etc because, with their processing equipment, the algae provides a longer term solution to their food problems.

The Temple was created in the same sugar factory that they shot the end of miniseries at. (The Adama/Leoben fight.)

Ron didn’t see Baltar arriving back on Galactica as big a deal as James and Michael Rymer did (This was the first ‘OMG, really?’ moment for me in the podcast) and he fought to excise some of the scene and make it simpler. Not filmed, but discussed, was the idea of Gaeta being part of the team bringing Baltar aboard Galactica. As they walked and talked Baltar said how much he missed the ship and never thought he would. Given Gaeta’s reaction to him, he realizes he can never come back. Some of this was incorporated in the middle of the Baltar/Adama/Laura scene. After Laura exists and Cavil makes the offer to give them Baltar, Adama and Tigh leave and go to Adama’s quarters to discuss the offer with Laura. There is then a Baltar and Gaeta interlude in which Baltar bums a cigarette and quietly mentions they should look at a star in the system. Adama and Tigh come back in and reject the offer. Ultimately, they decided that there was not a lot for Adama to go off and talk about since they were never going to get what they wanted from the Cylons. And Gaeta could discover the information on his own.

Ron also discussed how Baltar still doesn’t see himself as villain. He still wants to be thought of as the good guy and that’s why he tries to clue them in, help them.

Boomer struggles bonding with Hera were cut in rewrites. There was also a scene written in which Boomer presses a chip into Sharon’s hand which would allow her to see into the basestar (recall their once mentioned ability to place themselves in environments) and see the problems they were having with Hera. The audience already knew it was true Hera was alive and Sharon really doesn’t need to be convinced.

It was decided that the least melodramatic version of having Sharon learn about Hera was from Boomer.

There was more of Anders as de facto leader of the civilians, both in the script and filmed. There was to be heavy resistance from the civilians taking Lee as commander once it became a military operation and his methods weren’t working so well. In the teaser they showed that the military and civilians were not getting along. Not only was all this cut for time, but it wasn’t about that – it was about the quartet, as they call them, and their relationship.

Ron is an ex Catholic. Color me shocked.

There was more of the hybrid/Baltar/D’Anna storyline but I kind of tuned that part out. ;)

Before Anders speech there was another speech (filmed) with Lee addressing all of them, including military personal you don't see in the final cut. You saw Lee give things in a very military way and Anders in a more human way and thus him winning the civilians over. This didn’t ring true to Ron. When Lee is in front of troops, he comes to life and is a charismatic leader and can communicate well to those beneath him.

Anders does know what is going on, he’s no fool. (My second ‘OMG, really?’ moment) When Anders says, “you think you’re the first?”, it was not said simply to get at Lee. Ron explains that when you are with Kara you know what you are getting. Kara goes out and tomcats around. You either accept it or get out of it. Anders accepts it and moves on because he wants to be with her and is not willing to break up his marriage over it. Ron doesn’t think it makes him look weak - people make arrangements for their marriages, make compromises they never think they would. Um, Ok, but here’s the thing, Lee would never accept this with Kara. So, if L/K are meant to be they need to establish Kara loves Lee so much she is willing to change this part of her life for him or they will never be together.

Ron went on about how Caprica Six is such an interesting, sympathetic character and reminded us that this is a character that snapped a baby’s neck and participated in the genocide of a race and yet you now sympathize with her. He gave a lot of credit for this to Tricia and went on to say how great she is with being able to make so many versions of Six distinct individuals that don’t often get confused. (So why not give her a significant part to play this season?)

Originally Kara was on the ground and her outpost was overrun rather than having her raptor go down.

In a draft of the script, Sharon confronted Laura to the point of almost attacking her physically. It was deemed to over the top.

(This was more of a ‘WTF? Really?’ moment) The Laura/Adama scene – once Laura admits it’s all true, Adama gets up and…goes to the bathroom to begin shaving. Seriously. They filmed this. She follows him and, standing in the doorway, begins to explain what she did. He gives her nothing in response. He asks for a towel, she hands it to him. He finally says. ‘You should have told me’ and then leaves. In the version we saw he just leaves – it’s more dramatic. And we didn’t need to hear her rationalization.

Originally, they wrote a true standoff between Lee and Anders. Lee wouldn’t let him go after Kara and he pulls a gun on him. One of Anders men then pulls a gun on Lee and everyone stars pulling guns on each other. They had a Mexican standoff. Rymer felt it felt phony (Thank you!) and Lee really does have the upper hand here.

Ron’s closing remark has to do with the move to Sunday in January and he comments, “Bring more of your friends.” Oh, yeah, I feel confidant about a fourth season.
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