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On the Seventh Day of Christmas.....

Last night I was trying desperately come up with an idea of what to do for today's pic spam.  I was at a loss.   I'm making this up as I go folks.  Though I do have some ideas for later days, you'll see. ;)  Every thought I had, I hated.  Then, this morning, it came to me.  It turns out that not too many years ago anglophileangel came into the world.  I was fortunate enough to meet Ms Angel when she accompanied writteninstars on her visit to me this past July.  She is one swell gal and more than lived up to all the hype. ;-)  I also discovered we had a few common interests.  So in honor of the birthday girl HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and I give her (and all of you).....

Scruff *and* a suit. :)

The smile.

Seriously, this look should be illegal.  Plus, weapons!

Ioan and a silk tie.  Nope, no ideas there.

Nice placement of the hand their Ioan.

Ioan + tux + scruff = GUH.

This is my favorite pic of Ioan.  Not because it is the best pic,
but because when I saw it I immediately thought the image
would be a perfect one to include in this fic idea I have. 
Before the RPFers squee or the non-RPFers cringe, my idea
 is a 'Hornblower' AU. ;-)

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