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On the Seventh Day of Christmas.....

Last night I was trying desperately come up with an idea of what to do for today's pic spam.  I was at a loss.   I'm making this up as I go folks.  Though I do have some ideas for later days, you'll see. ;)  Every thought I had, I hated.  Then, this morning, it came to me.  It turns out that not too many years ago anglophileangel came into the world.  I was fortunate enough to meet Ms Angel when she accompanied writteninstars on her visit to me this past July.  She is one swell gal and more than lived up to all the hype. ;-)  I also discovered we had a few common interests.  So in honor of the birthday girl HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and I give her (and all of you).....

Scruff *and* a suit. :)

The smile.

Seriously, this look should be illegal.  Plus, weapons!

Ioan and a silk tie.  Nope, no ideas there.

Nice placement of the hand their Ioan.

Ioan + tux + scruff = GUH.

This is my favorite pic of Ioan.  Not because it is the best pic,
but because when I saw it I immediately thought the image
would be a perfect one to include in this fic idea I have. 
Before the RPFers squee or the non-RPFers cringe, my idea
 is a 'Hornblower' AU. ;-)

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Mmmmm.... I really need to watch King Arthur again. And I just got the whole set of Hornblower DVDs from Deep Discount DVD really cheap. Need to rewatch that, too. Tragically, I don't seem to have a Ioan icon. That seems wrong, somehow.
I got the HH set last year and still haven't watched the last two films. No Archie. It just doesn't seem worth the effort. ;)

'King Arthur' is very pretty, but also pretty dumb. ;)
Nope, not gonna watch those last two films.

Mmmm, Ioan picspam. Best day of Christmas yet.
I got the HH set last year and still haven't watched the last two films. No Archie. It just doesn't seem worth the effort. ;)

Oh, I watched the last two on A&E when they came out and mostly enjoyed them, although I will admit to wanting to whack Hornblower upside the head some. (He got a bit thickheaded and could've used Archie around to kick his ass.) :-)

'King Arthur' is very pretty, but also pretty dumb. ;)

Yes, and yes.
I know! Sadly, I've only ever iconed the lovely Welshman once. *points at icon* I must do so again!
I am so enjoying your Twelve Days!! A hearty thank you for your hard work. xoxo
Glad you are enjoying the posts. :) Now I must go start panicing about what to do for today! ;)
YAY! And, trust me, this was NO trouble. ;)

Btw, I meant to include a holiday card for you in WIS's package, but, D'OH!, I forgot. :( I hope this makes up for my screw-up a little.
Seven is a beautiful number! Thank you for starting my morning with pictures of my boyfriend.
And unlike some other celebrity boyfriends there is a huge amount of lovely photos to choose from. If there were 21 days of Christams, I could have filled them. ;-)
Mmmmm...Celebrity boyfriend is very pretty, yes.

Now I'm all curious. What is this idea for a Hornblower AU?
Hmmmm, I don't want to give too much away because the basis for the idea also happens to be a significant plot point. I know you do spoilers, but not everyone does. ;) I can say that it takes place current day and Horatio is pretty much the Horatio we know and love, struggling with his career and feelings for Archie. Since the story would be rather long and involved and up until very recently I haven't even attempted to write in the fandom, I've put the idea on the back burner. Part of me feels I should write within the movie verse before going off on one of my wacky ideas. If you are dying to know more, I can always e-mail you some details. ;-)