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On the Eighth Day of Christmas.....

I know, I'm coming awfully close to day nine. ;) Ok, this one was the most flail inducing yet because I had NO CLUE what to do.  Then I decided just to be random.  On the bright side, the other day I was obsessing over I now have an idea for. Woo Hoo!

I was looking for a cap of the famous wet shirt shot of Colin
from Pride & Prejudice, but I couldn't find a good quality
image.  But, hey, at least he's still wet. :)

A little something for blondeheroine 

I'm no longer a loyal Las Vegas viewer.  They paired Danny with
Delinda and that is just *wrong*.  But I still find Josh very pretty. 
Heck, he might even get me to see Transformers.

I've been a Gary Cole fan since Midnight Caller, but it's Sheriff Lucas
Buck ("That's Buck, with a B") that remains one of my all time favorite
TV characters. 

Ok, the man has been a rock star for like thirty years and not
only does he not look all that different, I think he looks better.  A
deal with Satan must have been made.  As for why this pic?  It
amused me.

Because Smart is Sexy.  And, damn, is this an amazing photo.

Apparently I find guys named Hugh attractive.  It's second only to
the Bamber obsession. ;)  In case you don't recoginize him, this
is Hugh Dancy.  Who has worked with Jamie in Daniel Deronda and
Ioan in King Arthur.  Which brings me to this find...

Seriously, I almost fell of the couch.  That much pretty was in
one room?

Have I mentioned how fun these are when I'm not getting frustrated?  And I found some pretty cool sites.  At least I'll be better prepared for 2007. ;-)

Oh man, The Crow:Wicked Prayer starring David Boreanaz (and Tara Reid!!!) is on Sci-Fi right now.  How desperate was David to do films?  This is not even so bad it's funny, it's just very, very bad.
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