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On The Ninth Day of Christmas.....

Why is it that people who are a blip on the celebrity radar have numeous web sites dedicated to them with copious anounts of photos, yet actors who have been around for decades you can barely find anything?  Sigh.  Tonight I give you....

The first promo pic is from 'Eyes', the second from 'The Nine'. Standard
Tim Daly pose? Same photographer? Proof ABC is blind?

A bit of trivia for this pic. Did you know he wore his own clothes in the
pilot ep? Apparently he was cast so late for the role, wardrobe didn't
have time to fit him.

The black tee. The arms. Nuff said.

Is it just me or does he look a little like Hugh Jackman here?

OK, I also spent quite a bit of time tonight scanning some images from the Asta Archives (translated - barely organized file folders) to supplement the lack of decent images I could find.  But, first, my computer decided to freeze up and crash.  Then, the pics were too big to upload to LJ.  Now they are taking forever to upload to Photobucket and I'm getting very sleepy.  Maybe I'll edit later.  Sorry!
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