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On The Tenth Day of Christmas.....

Day ten was going to be tricky until I thought, "Ten?  Like in Top Ten maybe?"  My list may not be entirely accurate.  Was I going to take the time to do a poll?  Nooooooo.  But I did try to be fair.  I don't even watch two of these shows!  These were just the biggest and, imho, prettiest fandoms that came to my mind.  So tonight we have.....

The X-Files - My first official fandom, kind of. ;)  I was never involved
in the online community, but it's the show that made me venture onto
this strange thing called the internet, taught me what a shipper was,
and apparently screwed me over for life.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel - It's hard sometime to think about one without the other.
Season 5 was my favorite season and this is my favorite group portrait (even with Riley ;).  But I
hated to leave out David.  Plus, Doyle!

Farscape - Man I miss my leather clad, incredibly flawed, frelled up heroes. 
And Rygel. ;)  Who I actually loved before John and Aeryn.

Firefly / Serenity - FOX and Joss are bastards.  Yet, without them, where would be?


Doctor Who - Not wanting to start any kerfuffles or vicious shipper wars, I give you Nine and Ten.

Veronica Mars - Ok, I tried, reallly, and failed to get IT.  But, since it's Christmas.....

Supernatural - Um, OK, I kind of get it. ;-)

House - The rare non-sci-fi/fantasy fandom for me.  Damn Hugh Laurie's smart,
slightly sinister attraction!


Stargate: SG-1 & Stargate: Atlantis - Again, it's hard not to think of one without the other.  Though
apparently Sci-Fi can. :p  Since Ben and Claudia were showcased above and RDA needs to get his
due, I went with old school SG-1 here.  However, a little something for danceswithwords

Though I prefer...

And I think it's safe to say THE biggest fandom on my Flist.....

Battlestar Galactica - The show that has consumed my life.  After BtVS,
I swore, never again.  HA!  And because it's my LJ...


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I never watched Farscape, but Claudia and Ben make a compelling argument for it, and the SG-1s with them, too. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I like her leather dominatrix-of-space outfit.
You've NEVER watched 'Farscape'? Well, I see what one of my New Year's resolutions is going to be. Seriously, if you loved B5 and loved (at one time ;) BSG, I can't see how you wouldn't enjoy 'Farscape'. Sure there is the occassional bad ep or WTF? story development, but the show had great arcs, amazingly complex characters, and Ben and Claudia had/have OMG incredible chemistry together. Plus, flatulant muppets! ;-)
I have Farscape on my list to be watched, I really do!, but I wanted a buffer between B5 and starting Farscape. Two big epics of Sci-Fi so close together would be too much or something. Spouse wants to rewatch B5 this winter; maybe I'll get him into Farscape in the summer or fall.

Though, if you want to sell the show, I'm not sure flatulent muppets should be your opening argument.
Hey, the flatulant muppet was the first character I loved. Seriously, while everyone else was growing to love John and Aeryn, I was all about Rygel - selfish, back-stabbing, egotistical, flautlant pain in the ass that he was. ;-)

I look forward to you watching. I was thinking of digging out the DVDs one of these days myself.
Thanks! :) It was no heartship plowing through all those promo pics. Oddly, the SG1 sites didn't have much in the way of great photos, but Michael Shanks site had some serious pretty.