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On The Tenth Day of Christmas.....

Day ten was going to be tricky until I thought, "Ten?  Like in Top Ten maybe?"  My list may not be entirely accurate.  Was I going to take the time to do a poll?  Nooooooo.  But I did try to be fair.  I don't even watch two of these shows!  These were just the biggest and, imho, prettiest fandoms that came to my mind.  So tonight we have.....

The X-Files - My first official fandom, kind of. ;)  I was never involved
in the online community, but it's the show that made me venture onto
this strange thing called the internet, taught me what a shipper was,
and apparently screwed me over for life.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel - It's hard sometime to think about one without the other.
Season 5 was my favorite season and this is my favorite group portrait (even with Riley ;).  But I
hated to leave out David.  Plus, Doyle!

Farscape - Man I miss my leather clad, incredibly flawed, frelled up heroes. 
And Rygel. ;)  Who I actually loved before John and Aeryn.

Firefly / Serenity - FOX and Joss are bastards.  Yet, without them, where would be?


Doctor Who - Not wanting to start any kerfuffles or vicious shipper wars, I give you Nine and Ten.

Veronica Mars - Ok, I tried, reallly, and failed to get IT.  But, since it's Christmas.....

Supernatural - Um, OK, I kind of get it. ;-)

House - The rare non-sci-fi/fantasy fandom for me.  Damn Hugh Laurie's smart,
slightly sinister attraction!


Stargate: SG-1 & Stargate: Atlantis - Again, it's hard not to think of one without the other.  Though
apparently Sci-Fi can. :p  Since Ben and Claudia were showcased above and RDA needs to get his
due, I went with old school SG-1 here.  However, a little something for danceswithwords

Though I prefer...

And I think it's safe to say THE biggest fandom on my Flist.....

Battlestar Galactica - The show that has consumed my life.  After BtVS,
I swore, never again.  HA!  And because it's my LJ...


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