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Yes, I do have other interests....

Some guy named James apparently has a birthday today. Whatever.
The only reciprication I ever got for all my well wishes was a restraining order.

So, I shall instead pass along some info regfarding one of the other objects of my affection, Hugh Jackman, to my fellow devotees.

First off, the website for The Boy From Oz is fully operational now. They even have a forum to discuss all things Hugh related. Go Now.

Finally, finally, did I mention finally? the 1999 London stage production of Oklahoma is being released in the States on DVD. You can pre-order from if you are so inclined.

And look for an interview with him apparently conducted by John Travolta in the September edition of Interview magazine.

I think I covered all things Hugh for the moment.

Oh, and not to overlook my friend jonesiexxx's latest obsession...look for Johnny Depp to be getting busy with some Oompa Loompas. ;) He's in talks to play Willy Wonka. No surpsie considering Tim Burton was signed to direct the adaption of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a couple months back.

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