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On The Eleventh Day of Christmas.....

This may be one of my odder creative choices. ;) Some of you may know this about me already, but Brad Pitt normally doesn't do much for me. That's not to say I think he's unattractive or untalented. And, heck, I admire him for the fact that he is one of the few celebrities who really is trying to do something with his fame and fortune and make the world a better place. He's just no Jamie or Hugh for me. ;) However, I don't know if it's the hair, the clothes, the lighting, the characterization, his humor, or the way he never stops eating throughout the film, but when I watch him as Rusty in Ocean's Eleven he DOES do something for me. ;-)

So, on the Eleventh Day of Christmas I choose to present Ocean's Eleven. Of course, another thing I love about that film is Rusty's relationship with Danny (for the record, not in any slashy way :p) and since George Clooney isn't exactly hard on the eyes either.....


Did I mention how the constant eating cracks me up?


I think I need to add George to the Black Tee Club. :)

Not that he looks shabby in a tux either.

And my favorite pic.  Is an explanation necessary?

And as an added bonus you can check out the trailer for 'Ocean's 13' here. *Love* the expression on George's face at the end.
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I feel the same way about Brad, and in this movie he just delighted me. I definitely think he gets more attractive as he gets older. So does George :)

I'm gonna be sorry when this is over, it's been very enjoyable!
Considering what a big hit this seemed to be, I think I shall do it again next Christmas. And maybe some actual planning will be involved. ;p I just got the idea from others on my Flist who were doing twelve days of Christmas type things, but I had no idea where I was going with it. I started with the thought to do just a pic a day (hence the first two days single photos), but then things got out of hand. :)

Btw, apparently TNT and I are on the same wavelength. They are showing Ocean's Eleven tonight.
Have you seen Kalifornia? That would be Brad at his dirtiest. Damn David Duchovny for doing that film and making me watch!

Coincidently, TNT is running Ocean's tonight and, of course, I'm watching. I just think everything fell into place in this one that make them both incredibly attractive. Brad in particular should have stolen the wardrobe because every bit of clothing fits him perfectly.
George has got a pornstache in that trailer OMG. But I love the eye-roll. *sigh* I'm not super-big on Brad either, but when he's with George OMG YUM.

I love Clooney - lovelovelove. Such a grownup, such a *man*. And he was so broken up over his pet pig a few weeks ago - it was sweet.
At least George's pornstache is suppose to be funny. There is just no excuse for EJO's. ;) The eyeroll kills me. And I'm all curious why he was with the character he was with.

Another thing I love about Clooney is his recent comment about being in his forties and too old to be chasing after women. I don't necessarily think he's too old, but I think it was his way of saying that what some other actors of his age group are doing is ridiculous.

Brad does nothing for me, but after that Trojan War movie, I have to admit that the man has a fine backside. You get a really excellent view of it.

I have very much enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas, and I also enjoyed the heck out of your card. "Cylons for mocking" indeed.
Troy was an epic yawn, but it had some very attractive men in it as well as Brad's assets. ;)

Glad you liked the card. You were one of the people I thought of while coming up with the Cylon line. :) My favorite: "And continuity will be blowing / When Ron Moore in near". *Loved* writing that.

Brad Pitt usually DOES do it for me, but he REALLY does in Ocean's 11. And thanks so much for the Ocean's 13 trailer link! I didn't realize that was up - yay!
I caught the trailer for the first time last night on one of those entertainment shows. The film already looks better than '12' which I didn't care for.