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Home From the Holidays

Just got back from Mom's. I spent over eight hours with her with no urges to kill. Woo Hoo! Maybe it had something to do with her being so upbeat and into the holiday which was...odd.

As far as loot, the woman manages to find just about every piece of M&M merchendise on the market. My fave piece, which is also the one she questioned buying, is an M&M candy shop that has lights and motion. Three M&M's spin around in the candy shop being coated with choclate. We spent much time staring at this. We both obviously need lives. When less sleepy and properly displayed I may take pictures.

I also received some strange odds and ends. She got me an embroidered luggage strap so I can easily spot my luggage at the airport. Nice, but do I want an airport full of strangers knowing my full name? And there was also a Pirates of the Caribbean calendar in lieu of Star Wars calendar this year because she couldn't find one. I also got assorted ornaments, some cool ornament hooks, and a check! :)

The movie for the evening was Eight Below which my mother discovered on cable awhile back and loves. I'm a long time Bruce Greenwood fan and he is neither an ass nor dies in the film so, cool! And the dogs were pretty damn adorable. I even got a bit weepy at the end.

The one glitch in the evening was the roast my mother made. She overcooked it a bit. She was using a new stove and cooked it as she would have in the antique she had before. But the cut of meat was not the best. It wasn't bad meat, just that they trimmed too much of the fat and bone hence leaving it dry. So she was beating herself up for getting ripped off by the store and then for not judging the cooking time properly. I've had far worse, but try convincing her of that.

I hope everyone else had a good day. Scanning my friends list it seems things went pretty well for everyone. It just seems totally unfair that most of us have to return to work tomorrow. Blech.
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Glad you had a good day. I spent several hours with my mother Christmas Eve and also did not feel the urge to kill! She even got me something I wanted--dishes which I requested and pestered her till she'd bought them. I take no chances with her buying gifts! One year I got the Ugliest Necklace Ever, and you've seen me and know my standards are pretty low!

Speaking of gifts, Stinky bought me the cutest little pink MP3 player. The first thing I loaded was Brideshead! I usually listen to books in the car, but then I get home and want to finish and it's frustrating. Now I can plug the player into the car and then when I get home take it out and put on the headphones! I can do it all! I started listening last night and love the British accents, as usual. Jamie sounds very cute, also as usual.

Going to the Post Office before work today, so look for something soon!
I'm glad you are enjoying 'Brideshead'. I actually liked it more than I thought considering I only purchased it to listen to Jamie. ;) But then I got sucked into the Sebastian/Charles relationship. romanticalgirl even wrote some fic about the two after I sent her the discs. :)

I'm also relieved you were spared ugly jewelry. I'm fortunate that I have family and friends with good taste. It's been quite some time since I've had to lie about how much I like a gift. :)

And I'll be on the look out!
Sorry about heading to work today, but at least your Christmas was good.

I came down with something on Christmas Eve, and ended up staying at my parents while the family got together at my brother's.

Hopefully I will be feeling better today.
Hope you do feel better. It would suck to be sidelined on two long weekends.
Love your icon!

Glad you had such a nice day, and collected such great loot! We had a lovely day too. Christmas Eve we went out to dinner, then went to see The Nativity Story, which I recommend. It was good, just reverential enough, with surprising bits of humor. Yesterday I made a pork roast, which like your mom's came out a little drier than I wanted, but I've learned to let such things go, I hope! Then we went to see Cindy's goddaughter, who is 22 and a teacher's aide for special needs kids, and her mom and her husband; Cindy has known her since high school.

I made out pretty well myself - two pair of earrings - one pair of aquamarine hoops and one pair of silver snowflakes, a cool watch, some Philosophy shower gel, a pair of pajamas and a CD boxed set of bluegrass music.

I am sorry for you all who have to work today. Wish you could all be home enjoying your presents!

FYI - I am late with presents, as usual, so sorry. But I promise you will get them before your birthday :)
Yes, Cookie Lee! has a long and interesting and possibly slightly disturbing history. ;)

Sounds like you got some pretty good loot. I love time pieces, clocks and watches, so I'd be thrilled with getting a watch. I always visit the Swatch store in Times Square when I'm in NYC. :)

No worries about the present. I just got WIS's today, plus a bunch of cards. It's just a prolonged celebration. :)
Only slightly disturbing? ;)

Oh, me too, I love watches, and clocks. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect clock radio for my night table.

And thanks :)