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Doctor Who!  I hadn't planned on posting, but since wickedgillie asked... ;) 

I have to say I hate the title, The Runaway Bride.  First, because my mind immediately goes to the Julia Roberts movie.  Second, because it's not accurate! 

This is me for the first fifteen minutes of the ep:  "SHUT UP AND DIE, DONNA!"   That thought only momentarily interrupted by wondering if a) the TARDIS could really fly like that and b) out of all those people on that road only two kids noticed the damn thing and their parents *never* turned around to see why they were so excited?!?!

After Donna finally shut up, I kind of felt bad for her.  I mean she was abducted and missing and they go on with the reception?  Great family.  And I just knew Lance was using her. 

Unfortunately, I am still at a loss as to why she or anyone had to be infected with the particles for Spiderwoman's plan to work.  And how did that tie in with Torchwood?  They supposedly built the lab, did Spiderwoman just happen to find it and use it to her advantage?  Why would Torchwood want to drill to the earth's core?   And why were Jack and his team oblivious to this?  There were just far too many plot holes in this story. 

There was also far too much yelling.  First Donna and then Spiderwoman.  And there is the Doctor's tendancy to get animated.  So basically I feel like I need an Advil now. 

They drained the Thames.  Yeah, that won't have any long lasting environmental effects.

Two moments I really did like:  The Doctor being merciless.  That was very in character.  He gave her a chance to save herself and her children and when she refused to take his deal he did what he had to do.  I can't say that he was wrong in what he did, but it is a side of him that is scary and I can understand why Donna would not want to be part of that life.  I also liked that Donna made the observation that the Doctor needs someone to tell him when to stop.  Did Rose always get him to?  No. But she did make him think about his actions and he needs someone to not let the power go to his head.

The fact that the Doctor asked Donna to go with him seemed rather desperate.  I get that he is lonely, even though he'll never admit it, and that the writers probably thought we would expect him to ask, but I really wish he just would have said 'Nice to meet you.  Have a good life.' and send her on her way.   I'm not familiar with all the past companions, but I don't see what Donna had to offer him.

More cards arrived today (As well as your package writteninstars .  I told you not to send Priority Mail! ;p  E-mail/call to follow :)  thedeadlyhook , avrelia ,  onlyoot , sdwolfpup , and the_royal_anna (I am so very jealous of your card making skills - and my favorite colors too!) - thank you all for thinking of me and the sweet words. :)

And for some reason I'm exhausted tonight.  Work wasn't even that bad.  Off to sleep.
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Merry belated Christmas, Asta!

Yeah, the plot holes are best left ignored. The ep also dragged a bit, despite the hyper action.

I have to confess something. I really enjoyed watching Ten without Rose.

I also liked that Donna made the observation that the Doctor needs someone to tell him when to stop. Did Rose always get him to? No. But she did make him think about his actions and he needs someone to not let the power go to his head.

Good point.

The episode was about fifteen minutes longer than usual and it felt like it. With all of Donna's screeching at the beginning I feared there was no actual plot, just the Doctor trying to get her to the church on time, or close to it.

I must confess I didn't miss Rose. ;) It dawned on me after I finished watching the ep that Rose is like Kara for me. I definitely do not dislike her and I believe she was/is an important part of the show, but I'm not enamored with the character.
I got your card today! It actually came earlier, but I didn't get to my grandmother's until today. I will definitely have the card translated. :p
...I think maybe she reminded him of Mel. Don't know who Mel is? That's okay. You don't want to *shudder*

And yes, it was the swiss cheese of plots. The more I hear the more I think the ten minutes I missed due to international family telephone calls really WOULDN'T have explained anything.
No clue who Mel is and don't bother explaining! ;)

Honestly, I was still trying to piece together the plot after watching and I just couldn't. Unfortunately, I think they just wanted a redux of last year and put on a Christmas themed ep that also served as a bridge to a new dynamic and an actual plot that made sense didn't seem so important. And, was it just me, or did Spiderwoman remind you of the bone eater in Farscape's 'Bone to Be Wild'?

I still owe you an e-mail, don't I? D'Oh!
The Doctor being merciless.
Oh me too! I *loved* that moment - quite possibly my favourite out of the whole hour (except his quiet grieving for Rose).

I also liked that Donna made the observation that the Doctor needs someone to tell him when to stop.
Or as Doyle once put it:

"It's about letting them into your heart. It's not about saving lives; it's about saving souls. Hey, possibly your own in the process."
I have to go back and check out Doyle's post. As much as I'm a spoilerwhore when it comes to 'Galactica' I tend to skip being spoilled for other shows. ;)

I have to say I love Tennant more when he plays the darker aspects of the Doctor's character. Then again, that's why I love the characters I do, struggling with their personal demons and darker impulses.
I have to go back and check out Doyle's post.
*blinks* I was quoting Doyle from AtS ('City Of...' specifically). Also meant to add this comment re. Cordy:

"You've made a good choice. She'll provide a connection to the world. She's got a very humanizing influence."

Which is The Doctor and his companion(s) in a nutshell!
The delay could have been due to the wacky weather here. I wouldn't be surprised if the postal service took it on a side trip through Denver. ;p
I loved his darkness. I love how the episode finally settled down after that ludicrous highway romp. I loved how much he missed Rose (yeah, you know me, ever the romantic). But I felt like I was watching a completely different character most of the time. Donna was painful. The sonic screwdriver was too much in evidence. It was so obvious that the groom whose name now escapes me put something in her cuppa. And again with the stupid highway chase. Why were the robots working with spiderlady again? Uh, yeah. I didn't hate the episode, and was happy to have new Who, but I don't understand the squee.

And am I to understand that the lovely black woman from Torchwood from Army of Ghosts is to be the new companion? I hope they have a good dynamic. I adored the chemistry between Rose and Ten even more so than Rose and Nine, and Tom Baker forgive me, but after Doomsday, I have a new favourite Doctor.

Thank you for watching and sharing your thoughts. I don't like to rant out into the dark, particularly in a fandom in which I am a realitive newb.
I spent most of the episode wondering why anyone would want to marry Donna. And Lance seemed the complete opposite of her. Not to mention, I work in a large office and while some of the higher ups are very nice they don't just go around offering up coffee to people. The whole set up felt off so it was easy to assume Lance was EVIL.

The highway chase seemed especially stupid. Maybe the TARDIS can manuever like that, but since we generally just see it stationary it seemed extreme. And how could only two kids have noticed? That drove me crazy. And why did the engine, or whatever you call it, overheat? I thought the thing had a massive power supply and it couldn't take flying down a street at 60 or 70 miles an hour?

There is squeeing over this? Huh. Yeah, I don't get it either. Actually, I spent much of the ep thinking about how the show was following in BSG's footsteps with a writer/producer who apparently thinks he can put anything out there and we'll think it's brilliant. I guess I didn't get as upset by this though because I don't love 'Who' like I love BSG.

So the new companion was on 'Torchwood'? I knew she was in 'Army of Ghosts', but played a different character. I wonder if the character she is playing on 'Torchwood' is being transplanted to 'Who'?
I don't know if she was on actual Torchwood (which I haven't seen yet, due to limited time and not-so-much interest) but only that she worked at Torchwood in that episode. But that's the chickie, yes? I think I read somewhere that she's going to be some sort of medical person and some part of the hospital will end up getting transported somewhere which is how she's supposed to meet up with the doctor. And also the fact that she does kung fu, or whatever.

Gee, can you tell I just woke up and am posting while still bleary-eyed and clueless? Sorry for that!