I actually saw this in my Google news update.

Cinemablend.com picked it up - http://www.cinemablend.com/television/Possible-Battlestar-Galactica-Telefilm-In-the-Works-2151.html

If it goes forward, the two hour telefilm will shoot in March during the series hiatus and prior to the commencement of production on the series fourth season in June

Which is interesting since they go back to shoot season 4 sometime in March. I'm rather doubtful SFC suddenly wants a 7 month long hiatus this year.

The article did make giggle.
Yeah, I doubt the actors will have a seven month hiatus. I think three to four months is standard for TV shows. I'll believe it when Ron or David make an announcement.
As long as it's not instead of a season four I'm okay with it. /ratings paranoia.

But...did I read that article right? Is there a current B5 direct to video project going on? I thought that caved a couple of months ago... /being totally out of touch.

Yay for Czech sites!
Here's a link to the B5 movies. Apparently they are currently filming, though I;m not a B5 fan so I have not been following any news on the project.

I just saw that Jamie and Katee have signed up for a Creation Con in April. They seem to think that either there will be a show to still push or they are trying to cash in while they still can. Sorry. I guess that doesn't lessen your fears. ;)
I'm really hoping that the ratings S3 will garner in the UK will ensure a fourth series, which is due to start on the 9th. Everyone I know is gagging for it over here, and, having seen what they're in for, I can't imagine they'll be disappointed. And the Sky One trailers kick all kinds of ass!
I got what you meant. ;-) Wow. Sky One must have people who know what they are doing because the Sci-Fi promos generally suck and blow.
If the timetable wasn't so wonky, I would likely believe the article. But as it is, I will believe it when RDM or Eick confirms it.

And I would *never* mock you for lurking on a Czech BSG board; you gotta take the goodness where you find it!