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2007, Day 2

I didn't make any resolutions per se this year, but I already feel as if I'm fairing better in the getting things accomplished department than I have in prior years. I spent most of yesterday starting the big cleaning/organizing project of 2007. Instead of overwhleming myself with all the stuff I need to do, I'm trying to chip away at things. I did manage to collect all the post-it's, envelopes, index cards, and pieces of paper with information I wished to retain and combine them all, neatly, in one notebook. And I began to go through all the stuff on the DVR. Yikes! Maybe I should make a resolution to not save up nearly 70 hours of TV viewing again. Some of it was just watch it and delete it, but I also have all of BSG, House and The Nine saved on there and I need to edit commercials, name the eps, and burn them to disc which is time consuming.

I also managed to get caught up on fanfic reading and downloaded the first ep of Dexter (to see if it lives up to the hype of my Flist) and the series finale of Torchwood to watch. Yeah, I gave up on Torchwood after episode 2, but damn my curiosity to see how things got wrapped up - or not.

I'm also trying not to let things pile up at work. I still have some 2006 issues to deal with, but first thing this morning I dealt with one of them. And when a problem comes today, instead of just tossing it aside for later, I'm trying to tackle it on the spot. I know I won't be able to do that every day, but on relatively quiet days like today it's very doable.

While watching some Stargate this weekend I came across an ep I really liked as in stopped what I was doing and paid close attention - that rarely happens for me with the show. The episode was 'The Other Side' which raised some interesting philisophical questions *and* the material was handled pretty darn well. Do you turn a blind eye for the greater good? Can you live with yourself if you do so? My only quibble is that in making their point, Jack's characterization had to suffer. Not that he was completely out of character, he's rushed into situations before without looking at every angle, but his efforts to not get at the truth seemed rather perplexing. The guy has a conscience and generally a desire to have all the facts even if he does understand them all or they irritate him, so I didn't see him just accepting everything at face value and telling Daniel to "shut up". Still, after watching the first two seasons and not getting what was so interesting about the show, I'm starting to see things come together in seasons 3 and 4.
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