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Dirt - In More Ways Than One ;)

Thank greycoupon for providing BSG fandom with the laugh link of the day. Dirk Benedict to be on UK's Celebrity Big Brother. I'm imagining Richard Hatch busting a gut when he finds out.

Anyone else watch the premiere of Dirt last night? I was underwhelmed. I think it had potential - an inside look at a celebrity rag should be entertaining. I guess I envisioned a darker, more realistic Ugly Betty. But whereas Ugly Betty is fun and engaging, Dirt was just plain boring. All the sex, drugs, backstabbing, and even a schizophrenic photgrapher could not hold my attention. I couldn't even muster up dislike for these people, I just didn't care. And it's a shame since Courteney Cox did prove she is more than Monica Geller-Bing. However, she seems to either need to make Lucy a full on heartless bitch or give a reason to accept she has a softer, caring side. I think that's why Vanessa William's Wilhelmina on UB works much better. From the hints we've had as to the relationship with her father, we can see why she is driven and ruthless in business. Yet, she has her daughter, allowing for a bit of unselfishness and a desire to be loved and that's what drives her to do the occasional decent thing. But with no backstory for Courtney's Lucy, her character seems muddled. I may give the series one more chance, but it seems as if it's going for a Nip/Tuck vibe and failing miserably.
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