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No Global Warming My Ass

It's Michigan. It's January 5th. And at 7:00pm this evening I was filling my car up with gas wearing only a light jacket. This is not right people!

Another thing that is not right is that I'm probably the only child in the world that tells their parent they don't want their money. My mother has convinced herself that when I tell her I have to watch what I'm spending or I can't afford to get something right that minute (and this something is not something vital or something I need - think DVD box sets or a new lamp) it's because I'm broke. Trust me, I spend plenty of money, but there is a a point where I'll tell myself I don't really need something or it can wait another month or two. But tonight, once again, she tried to go into the "If you need..." conversation and, lucky me, the phone battery went dead. :)

OK, please tell me I'm not the only one who didn't catch this. I came acrossTHIS interview with Ryan Robbins. He's the actor who played Conner on BSG this season. Turns out he's also the actor under the latex who gets kissed by a six model before being blown up in the mini series. As soon as I saw the pictures I went, "Duh!". We were suppose to see him as he is in the mini (I recall Ron saying in the mini commentary that they were planning to show the character age from young to old to show how much time had passed, but it got edited down to just him as an old man), but when the footage got cut Ryan was told they would make it up to him and bring him back. It only took three years. :p

FYI, the interview, which I skimmed, seemed spoiler free...and badly written. :/
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