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I've had a lazy weekend. It's the first weekend in I don't know how long where I didn't feel like I needed to go into work. My plan was to take glorious advantage of all this free time I had. That didn't really happen. I think I am going to attempt to start putting Christmas decorations away though. And maybe catch up on a weeks worth of Stargate. I haven't written a word of fic or burned stuff off the DVR like I had wanted to do. At least I can partly blame a headache for that. I met a friend for brunch yesterday and after some shopping at Target and dropping her off at her house I came home, crashed on the couch, and woke up with a headache. At that point I didn't feel like doing much of anything so proceeded to catch some eps of Band of Brothers (which given the amount of gunfire and explosions was not the best idea fro someone with a headache) and then watched the finale of Torchwood. Be prepared for unpopular opinions people -

I had heard about The Boykissing and the supposed hotness of it. So I'm guessing I'm the only one who laughed throughout the entire scene? Here's my huge ass problem with the Jack on Jack action. Jack and Tosh were transported to 1941. I don't care if our Jack's little speech about living every moment as if it was your last had a profound impact on the real Jack, no way in hell is he going to go over, take him by the hand, and dance with him in front of his men and dozens of other people. He never would have made it to his plane the next morning; he'd be a bloody pulp in an alley somewhere. The sheer ridiculousness of it all cause me to burst out laughing as soon as they hit the dance floor. And then there was the big over-dramatic kiss. If they had done this all in some dark, secluded corner I would have bought it. And maybe I would have cared if the actor they had gotten to play the real Jack was better. It's a shame since I think the premise of Jack meeting the man whose identity who took, who he happens to share quite a bit in common with, was an interesting idea.

The other thing that I found laughable about the ep was everyone's ability to find things. It should have taken twenty or more people over the course of a day (at least) combing over every inch of that place to find what Gwen found in minutes. Owen finds a round piece of metal and immediately knows it's the missing piece of the rift machine. Then he goes into mad scientist mode. Have these people learned nothing from their time in Torchwood? No, let's believe complete strangers because they tell us what we want to hear, shoot the guy who knows more than all of them put together, and nearly annihilate humanity. And why couldn't Ianto have aimed for Owen's head? Owen is such a waste of skin.

There were exactly two things I liked about this episode. I found it very cool at the end that Jack mentions the one thing that would get him to open the rift was the Doctor and, soon after, we hear the Tardis and Jack disappears. Maybe the Doctor took him to find his old personality.

The other thing I liked, or was at least intrigued by, was the Jack/Ianto kiss. This coupled with Owen's remark to Ianto about being Jack's occasional shag buddy made me go look up episode recaps to see if an actual relationship existed. After reading the synopsis for 'They Keep Killing Suzy' I realized that that was the ep that caused quite a stir on my Flist awhile back. It's also one of the fews eps that beccatoria recommended to me so I decided to download it. Now THAT was a good episode. It helped that it featured Suzie. She was the only character I really liked in the premiere and then they made her crazy and killed her. She's still crazy, yet there is a reason to her madness - insecurity and self-doubt coupled with the isolation and burdens of the job made her the person she was/is. The complexity of her character (something lacking in the others) coupled with the actresses ability to subtly convey Suzie's pain and sadness actually make Suzie the most likable character for me. I only wish they had found a way to keep her undead. I really would have liked to see a story arc in which she tries to redeem herself even if she can't.

This afternoon I went and saw Happy Feet. I don't have much to say about it. It was a very cute film and I was entertained throughout. And just when you wonder how computer animation can get better, you are presented with some truly stunning images. I was also very impressed with how they incorporated live action into the film. George Lucas should take notes. I was a little distracted everytime the character of Memphis was onscreeen. Hugh Jackman really should not have recycled the accent he used for Curly in Oklahoma.

After wards I decided to get myself some hot chocolate. I'm declaring that Starbuck's is better than Beaner's.
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