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Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Gag Reel

Trolling the Sci-Fi board occasionally pays off. The Season 3 Gag Reel can be found here. SPOILER ALERT - there are hints as to how the mid season cliffhanger is resolved, a few brief clips that if you aren't spoiled you can't really put into context, and something rather significant involving a couple on the show. You also see more of James Callis than you may have ever cared too. ;)
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On my headstone I can have, "She listened to the podcasts and monitored the Sci-Fi board." ;p
I also saw a little more of EJO than I cared to. Hee. Thanks for the link, that was great!
I think we should just be thankful that was EJO in his younger years.

My favorite bits were the Three vid using a Schoolhouse Rock song and having it fit perfectly and, once again, stressing how much Gaeta loves Baltar. ;-)
Well, that was...different. I had no idea that flatulence was such a problem. Damn that algae! ;-)

OC, now I want an icon with Laura that says "Closet Miami Vice Fan" folowed by a picture of EJO in that speedo. Hee!

Thanks for sharing! You rock!
I'm not big on fart jokes, but the rest was funny. For some reason I found it odd hearing Mary say the F word and I don't mean Frak. ;)

I'd encourage you to make that icon, but I really don't want to see EJO in a speedo any more than i have too.

Thanks so much for posting this! Absolutely hilarious! (Not enough Jamie though, alas.)
But at least most of the footage they used of Jamie was from the boxing scenes. :)
LMFAO! I didn't realize that lot was so easily entertained by a bunch of fart jokes. :P

Any idea on the rap song at the end? Cause now I've got "Yeah I wanna frak in the front and in the back" stuck in my head.
I suppose after working a fourteen hour day anything would seem funny. ;p

The music for the rap song sounds very familiar, but the name escapes me. It will probably come to me a week from now. :/
Any idea who it was that was running to the Raptor and smacked their head?

I also was trying to figure out what Kandyse and Katee were saying in the Raptor scene. Something about not breathing?

I believe that blooper with James was the one LL talked about in an interview... that also caused a stagehand to hit his head.
I thought it was James/Baltar who smacked his head. I was guessing it was a scene shot when he went to the basestar infected with the virus.

Kandyse made a remark about having a bad headache, I think, and Katee was joking about how she got it, from breathing. I guess the joke was they hadn't been doing anything but sitting there so how could she have gotten a headache? I actually felt sorry for Kandyce though, she looked like she was in quite a bit of pain.

I agree about the James blooper. Lucy's comments in that interview immediately came to mind.
That stupid song at the end is now stuck in my head hehehehe

AJ is so amusing with his Baltar love, but the EJO footage traumatized me, waaaaaaaaaaay more than I needed to see hehe

thanks for posting this!
They need to bring Gaeta out of the closet already. Everyone knows. ;-)

As I said to sdwolfpup the EJO footage could have been worse. We could have gotten him sans clothes now.
I demand more Jamie/Lee bloopers. Given his adorable flubs in the S1 promo reels, I refuse to believe he has not made any since---accidental or otherwise. *shakes fist at Ron*
There seemed to be a real focus on EJO in this gag reel. And fart jokes are not high on my humor scale. More Jamie would have been nice. I know he and Katee were cracking up during the 'intimate' scene in the field. But maybe that was too revealing? The funny faces he ans everyone else made while shooting the mini/S1 promos are still a high point of the outakes for me. :)