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I think my icon says it all, but...

Seriously? They fried a guys brain and purposely erased his memories because they thought he was suffering from a broken heart. *And* didn't bother to see if he was telling the truth. SERIOUSLY? At that moment, suddenly, all of BSG's story lines started making sense. I really thought it was the resolution of the Tritter arc that was going to piss me off, but, no, it was the patient of the week story. Have the writers run out of anything resembling a plausible case? Or are the sharks waiting at their door?

As for the Tritter arc, I'd be enraged if it made any sort of sense. They revealed that he had a drug addict in his life and that's what made him persecute anyone he thinks may be one - then they did nothing with that revelation. And we get him wishing House well after his case is thrown out? Huh?

What did I like? The judge rocked. She said what we've all been thinking and I loved her line about House not likely to be flooding the streets with cocaine. And I was relieved to find out what I hoped to be the case - House was faking it. Accept I think he was sincere with the apology which I Wilson didn't necessarily deserve for recent events, like trying to label him an addict and push him into rehab, but he has been treated like crap in the past and he's earned an 'I'm sorry' for putting up with a lot.

House made Cuddy lie? Did I miss him pointing a gun to her head?

Ok, the hug was pretty adorable too, especially his not knowing how to react to it.

In House related news, Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison are engaged. Which given Cameron's attitude towards Chase tonight proves she can act. ;)

And I don't know if people are spoilerphobic about casting for the show so just in case... Dave Matthews will be appearing as - surprise! - a musician with a mysterious illness in an upcoming ep. Normally when I see a pop/rock star cast on a show I think stunt casting but a) it probably helps to have a musician play a musician and b) he's acted before and isn't bad. And, hey. maybe we'll have a dueling musicians thing between he and Hugh. ;-)
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I just wish Wilson wasn't quite so hypocritical in his dealings with House. Love how House continues to bring up the affair with the dying patient to which Wilson has no response to.

Oh, I love that too ;) We always look at their friendship as one where Wilson is supposed to teach House a thing or two, but House keeps Wilson honest, and doesn't let him off the hook when it comes to his own failings. The great thing is that they don't make those feelings a make or break thing when it comes to their friendship.