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You Had Me At High Five

Damn, I'm shipping Betty and Daniel now. Could they be any cuter? I don't think so. And I need a non-angsty couple in my TV life. Of course, I really want nothing to happen between them now becasue they rock as friends.

OK, I had heard that the big reveal was not going to be who we thought it was. And I probably never would have guessed it was Daniel's brother if in the scene almost immediately before the big reveal Daniel went on and on...and on about his brother's death in a sking accident. Which of course made me think no body was found and he's suddenly going to have a sister. So, writers, it would have been a neat twist had you not blown it five minutes before.

Check out this link at bsg_news about a new deal Sci-FI has made with DirectTV to sponsor BSG. I think it makes a fourth season more likely.

And why is it no one has made a "Is It Sunday Yet?" icon???
Tags: battlestar galactica s3, ugly betty
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