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Stargate Season 4

Because danceswithwords has irreversibly contaminated me, I’ve been continuing to watch Stargate on Sci-Fi. Having hit Season 4 the show has evolved from simply being background noise for me to experiencing, on occasion, an eagerness to see how a plot is resolved. I watched about ten episodes this weekend. Not all in one sitting. I don’t like it that much.

Window of Opportunity - It’s the ‘Groundhog Day’ ep! Damn that movie. Every sci-fi/fantasy show now has a compulsion to have an ep where time loops. This one was handled pretty well. I was somewhat bored with the first half, but after Daniel pointed out to Teal’c and Jack that it must be great to do anything you want and get away with it it got interesting - meaning funny. My favorite bits were hitting the golf balls through an active gate and Jack handing Hammond his resignation in order to make out with Sam. I don’t know what the hell was with Jack’s outfit there though.

Watergate - The Sci-Fi bastards skipped airing this ep. Grrr since I think it was pivotal. I shall read the Gateworld recap.

First Ones - Daniel was taken captive by a Star Trek reject Unas. They bond, of course, thus saving Daniel’s life. Utterly predictable, but watching Daniel doing a bad job of hiding the tape recorder was amusing.

Scorched Earth - Or what happens when good intentions go really, really bad. I had high hopes for this ep because there was some really interesting conflict and debate going on amongst the team, particularly Jack and Daniel. Both had valid points and how do you decided which race has the right to survive when they can not coexist? I was eager to see them make the tough choice. Yes, I forgot this was ‘Stargate’. In the last five minutes not only do Daniel and Lotan at the very last possible moment come up with a plan to save the Enkarans, but they found their long lost home world too! Sigh. It kind of ruined the ep for me.

Beneath the Surface - An OK ep. I’m still a little unsure why it took Jack longer then the rest to start regaining his memories. I actually found it a little insulting. Yes, Jack is more likely to accept things at face value, but this seemed extreme. And the one thing that was nagging at him was his feelings for same. ::rollseyes:: I did find the explanation on why the mind wipe didn’t work on Teal’c to be nifty because it actually made sense to me! And Sam leaning on Jack’s shoulder was pretty darn cute.

Point of No Return - Martin, nice to meet you! I liked this episode quite a lot. Enough to keep it on the DVR to burn to DVD along with ‘200’. I’ve seen ‘Wormhole Extreme’ too, but I have to admit that ep didn’t wow me. Favorite moments: Teal’c having a blast on the vibrating bed. Chris Judge is so good when they actually give him material to work with. I think he’s been more screwed over than Bamber and Helfer combined. And Jack’s line, “Sounds like a good idea for a TV show. If you’re into that sort of thing.” Hee!

Tangent - Bored Now. Too much techno babble and there’s no real drama when you know they won’t kill off two stars of the show. Even Teal’c’s moment of telling Jack he’s like a brother to him fell flat for me since all their actions on the show have already told us this.

The Curse - Poor Daniel. Every woman he gets involved with ends up with a Goa’uld in them. And, come to think of it, Vala had one in her. Um, yeah, that’s about all I got here.

The Serpent’s Venom - Apophis is SG-1’s version of the cosmic cockroach. They just can’t kill him. And their big plan, of course, goes wrong and now he’s even stronger. Maybe Jack is right about hauling in the Tok’ra all the time. Though, it does give us the opportunity to see Jacob who I’m really growing to like. Yes, I know he dies. I was also amused that Jack was allowed to tag along because he really served no specific use to the mission. RDA did a great job of portraying Jack’s feelings of being marginalized.

Chain Reaction - Hammond resigns and Jack must make a deal with the devil to bring him back. Predictable, yet entertaining.

2010 - Another ep I really, really enjoyed. I love what if? scenarios so they had me at hello, well, Sam’s lunch with some guy we didn’t know. And while, again, there wasn’t any real consequences to their deaths because we knew they had to succeed I was still sad to see their future selves go. There’s just something about seeing characters you like dead even if you know it’s only temporary. My one big quibble is for the ep only being ten year sin the future society seemed to have advanced too quickly.

Absolute Power - This was the second time I had seen this ep. The first time they lost me half way through. This time I fell asleep. It’s was obvious that it was all in Daniel’s head. My other problem is, sorry to Shanks fans, I didn’t think he is up to playing Evil!Daniel.

I watched ‘Prodigy’ this evening, but still haven’t seen ‘The Light’ so I shall stop here for continuity’s sake. :)
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