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Ok, I normally go to bed around Midnight, so I'm not up that much later. And I was kind of watching a few scenes again and jotting down some thoughts and then I figured I might as well do the darn write up. Plus, I was a bit excited by the realization that Ron might actually have a plan!

The teaser went on for too long and both sides ultimately (and unbelievably) compromise. I suppose one could argue that Adama felt that Lee and the others could hold off the occupants of one raider, but it was still a risk. And had D’Anna not called back the other raiders Adama would have nuked the planet, killing his entire family. I hope they never find out because Lee and Kara certainly don;t have enough issues.

The one Lee moment I detested was his comment to Sam about shooting him - “If she dies out there, I’ll let you.” Seriously, when did Lee become all about Kara? I know there is an element to the statement that represents Lee not being able to live with his failures, but given what’s going on it plays out as just being about losing her.

Unfortunately, I was spoiled for Helo shooting Sharon a few days ago. Yes, I do read spoilers, but I was trying to stay away from the detailed stuff. Have we positively established that a Cylon cannot kill themselves? Otherwise, that was a horrific thing to put Helo through. Terrific performances by both actors though, especially Tahmoh conveying Helo’s anguish.

I also liked Helo's little verbal smack down of Laura. I still see Laura’s point of view and why she acted as she did at the time, but Helo’s argument is valid as well. What is troublesome to me is that Adama and Laura question Helo’s actions now. How is allowing Sharon to return to the Cylons and, in their minds, possibly putting the fleet in jeopardy any worse than Helo sabatoging their plans to eliminate the Cylons in AMoS?

And I have to say, Helo was a perfect example of not having a huge role, but playing a significant part in multiple storylines. So why is it so tough to utilize Lee, Ron?

Caprica was awfully accepting of Sharon’s story. Hera’s safer there? She’s supposedly sick. And do they really think Sharon would just ditch Helo?

Does anyone, specifically the writers, recall in ‘Valley of Darkness’ that armor piercing bullets and a kill shot were needed to destroy a Cylon?

Dee, I’ve not only tried to sympathize with you, but I know I should sympathize with you. But Lee did not order you to save Starbuck and bring her back to him. He asked you to attempt a rescue. Not to mention you were being shot at and had to move anyway so quit being such a martyr.

It’s sad that I was relieved to hear Hera was really sick. If she just crying because she wanted her mommy I was going to start throwing things.

What the hell is up with Boomer? She learned on New Caprica that humans and Cylons were not meant to be together. Really? When? Those scenes must have ended up on the cutting room floor. Her change in attitude was far too drastic for me. And even if she does believe the two races cannot co-exist, why snap a baby’s neck? When Caprica did it in the mini it was to spare the child’s suffering, not because she took pleasure from the act. The only thing I can think of is that Boomer has a lot of resentment towards Athena for taking her place on Galactica, but we haven’t seen enough of her on screen lately to really get that.

Caprica rocked in this episode. She’s very similar to D’Anna in that neither feels the Cylons are on the right path. The difference is that D’Anna sees herself as some sort of leader/savior and Caprica looks at Hera and the possibility and hope she represents and a way for all of them to grow closer to god. And now Caprica is on Galactica. How cool is that?!

“I love Sam, I hate Sam. I love Lee, I hate Lee. Gods, I have to cheat just to keep the pieces all nice and neat.” That is the first completely honest statement to come out of Kara’s mouth and the first statement about her tangled love life that has made sense to me. Kara has to make things complicated because that’s the only way things make sense to her and how she has come to believe her life works. And given that many of us feel she loves both men, it also makes Kara more sympathetic. She’s admitting she doesn’t really know who or what she wants and you can tell by the look on her face that she is aware she is hurting people in the process.

I also appreciated that she told Dee that Lee won’t cheat. I don’t quite agree with the statement, a lot of people call what they’ve been doing cheating, but we know that Dee has to be wondering how far it’s gone and she was reassuring her it hadn’t gone there. And it won’t at least as long as their married. Of course, that’s not telling Dee that Lee loves her and wants to stay with her, but it’s the only thing that Kara can give her.

D’Anna recognizes one of the final five and it’s someone she has had contact with. Adama seems the most obvious choice since she’s had considerable interaction with him. And we have Leoben’s remark to Laura that “Adama is a Cylon”, but it all seems *too* obvious. I’d actually lean more towards it being Laura and Laura not being aware of who she really is. The cancer would be a bit hard to explain and it would undermine a lot of her actions and personal sacrifices, but it would be a twist (as far as Ron is probably concerned) to discover the leader of humanity is a Cylon.

“Welcome home, Mr. President” and then punching Baltar out was the best damn moment of the episode. And I’m glad it was Tryol who did it because he was on New Caprica and the one that almost lost his wife because of the order Baltar signed.

I’ll hand wave the star going nova while they just happen to be on the planet because the explanation for The Eye of Jupiter was far less lame than I expected.

Lee and Anders could so be buddies if not for Kara. And bringing Baltar back in a body bag was classic.

Lee genuinely was focused on and concerned about Dee after disembarking the raptor. I read the look he gave Kara as, ‘We need to get our crap together and get past this’ and that Ron was actually moving on. As danceswithwords can attest I spoke too soon because then the promo aired.

OMG Ron had a plan! As a very astute individual somewhere online pointed out some time back the paintings on Kara’s walls were very similar to the paintings in the temple. We saw Kara’s paintings in early season two and now they are coming back into play. I’m still wary of Kara’s destiny, but they seem to actually have a clue of where they are going with it so I’ll shut up about it…for now.

I knew about D’Anna being “boxed” long ago, but I find it interesting that Cavil says it’s “indefinitely” rather than forever. So, if they need her, Lucy/D’Anna will be back.

I may post about The Dresden Files later, but, if not, I'll say it wasn't bad, I'll watch it again, and the I was quite pleased with the casting of Harry and Bob.
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