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Podcast for 'Rapture'

Well, sort of. I got your attention though! ;)

Terry Moore was once again around for the podcast. When Ron began talking about Lee and Anders Terry interjected, "Hot Lee and Anders." And she proceeded to make jokes throughout the podcast about them being all greased up, not that the fans minded, and how it was apparently hotter indoors than out. During the scene in the tent in which they were strategizing, she commented that the women weren’t sweaty and Ron replied, "They don’t love each other." :)

There was also a lot of boring discussion about editing, trimming scenes, rearranging scenes, using scenes twice, what did and didn’t work, how they should have cut something. I’m going to spare you and myself from recapping all that because did I mention it was boring?

As for things of semi-interest...

I believe it was mentioned in the podcast for EoJ that the standoff between D’Anna and Adama was to come mid episode in EoJ but was shifted to climax. There was also to be another nuclear standoff/countdown, but it was cut – more on that later.

Originally, Kara was to have broken her leg forcing Dee to carry her across the open ground. Terry pointed out that Dee is “three feet big” and Ron admitted that while Kandyce’s size played a role in the decision to alter Kara’s injury/the rescue they were also limited as to how many days they could shoot on location. Hence we got their scenes in a raptor which could be shot in the studio.

D’Anna believed that Adama wouldn’t think it was worth nuking the planet over one raider. (If two had continued on would he have gone ahead and nuked the planet? I think this bit should have been thought out more.)

It was discussed to have Athena and Helo have their conversation in a raptor with Sharon planning to steal the raptor and go to the basestar to rescue her baby. And Helo was to be confronted by Adama and Laura in CIC. The scene was shifted back to their quarters to allow them to still be in the moment.

As has been discussed and is further confirmed by Ron, there was much more on the basestar, over the course of several episodes, dealing with Boomer and Hera. We were to see Boomer caring for Hera, being rejected by her, and building up a profound resentment. Supposedly (and this is news to me) Boomer had been trying to have a baby with Tyrol and it didn’t happen. The other Sharon conceived almost immediately. Since the Cylons claim Hera was conceived because love was involved, Boomer comes to believe that she and Tyrol did not have true love. There were also scenes including Caprica Six trying to be a surrogate mother. The “dueling mothers” storyline was considered convoluted and hard to follow so it got cut. (OK, but a hint of Boomer’s near 180 would have been nice.)

Tyrol’s first phone conversation from Lee was actually from footage later in the episode. (And you can tell on rewatch.)

Ron referred to it as the "Eye of Zeus". :p

There was a scene of Baltar, Cavil, Leoben, and D’Anna standing on a ridge, talking about assaulting the temple and worrying about destroying what they were after. Ron felt this was not as important as the second scene between Baltar and D’Anna. (At this point I had to laugh at Ron’s earlier comment that not much story related footage was cut.)

Hilliard’s death was a little longer with Anders talking about what the guy meant to him. And Anders talked to Lee about what Kara meant to him and his knowledge of who she was. Ron thought it felt forced.

The second? third? act originally ended with Kara holding the gun and when you came back from commercial break you discovered it was Dee outside the raptor. It was deemed too contrived. (I agree here.)

Boomer’s threatening Hera created an argument with the network.

The Kara/Dee chat was longer with Kara talking about her problems with Lee, her love for Anders, etc. (Get ready to laugh…)Ron wrote the scene but believed it too overwrought and melodramatic. (Yeah, like the rest of the storyline has been so subtle!)

He’s not satisfied with Dee and Kara’s getaway. It was a mistake not showing Dee learning to fly the raptor. He feels the audience expected that and they didn’t pay off the expectation.

He also feels he failed in not better establishing why Tyrol was not able to blow up the temple.

When they cut back to Adama et al on Galactica, they are in the weapons room, not CIC. This is because there was another scene with Adama starting another countdown to launch the nukes when Lee failed to destroy the temple. We had already scene the exact same scene and it was considered redundant.

The idea of going back to the Kobol opera house was Michael Rymer’s.

It was also Rymer and James Callis’s idea to have Baltar come back to Galactica in a body bag.

When the couples reunite, the look between Lee and Kara shows that none of this is really resolved. (Sigh)

(Here’s where I gave Ron too much credit.) Since Kara has not been involved in the main events and has only been part of the subplot (Really???), they were looking for a way to tie her back into all these events. They went back to find something to tie her into the story they came across the paintings on Kara’s wall, which Katee had actually come up with and painted.

He finished by saying that he’d be back next week to discuss ‘Where everybody knows your name’ which is really ‘Taking a break from all your worries.’. Dude, get your Cheers lyrics straight. :p
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