Asta 2


OK, why did I not think of searching Asta on Google Images before?

I wish the text could be read easier (for those who don't know where I got my online name), but I love the image and had to icon it because, yes, I have come to associate myself with a dog. I think this is the first non-Jamie icon I've had as a default, yeah, that long.
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Aw, I love it :) My last dog was Asta's breed and seeing that icons just makes me smile. And I had no idea that's where you got your name!
Awwwww, glad I could remind you of good memories. :)

I keep thinking everyone knows where I got my online name by this point. Maybe I should do yearly posts on the subject? Btw, the 77 was added because someone had already taken MY name on LJ and it's not the year I was born, but the year Star Wars came out. ;-)
He's so cute! Aside from our goldens, and if I had any mobility and patience at all, I would have an Asta dog. Where did you find the image?
They are a cute, but hyper breed.

I don't recall specifically where I found it. I just clicked on the image on the Google search. I came across a few Thin Man sites, but they were pretty bare bones. I also found another image I saved of Asta playing in front of his dog house with the little boy who was to be Nick Jr in Another Thin Man, but filming got delayed and the boy became too old. His grandaughter posted those pics.
When I googled Asta I found some strange stuff. Not that I'm saying you or your dog are strange! ;)
I have come to associate myself with a dog

You know I kiss dogs, right?