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Just When You Think Sci-Fi Can't Get Any Dumber

The podcast for 'Taking a Break from All Your Worries', the episode airing two days from now, is up.   I guess Sci-FI forgot they moved the show.  Sigh.  As much as I am a spoilerwhore, I draw the line at listening to the commentary before I see the episode.  Especially when I don't know that much about the episode.  So my recap will not be up until next week, not that I expect many of you, or any of you, are dying to hear what Ron has to say. 

I do have another reason for not wanting to listen to the podcast.  I have a theory and I don't want to hear it shot to hell just yet.  I watched a preview clip for the ep earlier today.  OK, I might have watched it six times.  Shut up.  And over the course of watching it that many times my opinion changed as to what I was seeing and what it meant and how there was something more there just below the surface.  As I started jotting down notes and thinking about it in tems of other developments on the show I had an epiphany in regards to Lee Adama and, I swear, much of my anger and bitterness about his character this season fell away.  Accept for the fat suit, there is NO excuse for that.  Anyway, I was happy that things fell into place for me and excited to write up what I had come up with when it hit me - I had to wait three more days to share.  ::sighs some more:: 

And as long as I'm going on about an ep yet to air, apparently there is a bonus scene at the end of the ep. I have no idea what that means.  That vague bit of info was posted by an Admin at the Sci-Fi forum and they would give no further detail.  I guess just don't turn off the TV as soon as the credits finish. 
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Oh, that is frustrating! I am eager to hear your thoughts and will look forward to reading them once I've seen the ep. Epiphanies about Lee are always interesting!

And I don't like this idea of a bonus scene since no doubt I won't get it in my dl version. *mopes* Scifi is so MEAN to us illegal-ers! :-p
I have a feeling the bonus scene will be lame, but I'll be sure to recap just in case it's not available for download. :)
I skimmed through the podcast to hear about the Kara stuff. (Hey, I'm obsessed.) And... I still don't know what the hell actually happens with Kara in this ep. Typical Ron.

Ron did mention the bonus scene, but he was under the impression that it would be up on, not actually on TV. That would make more sense -- if they have enough time to show a full extra scene, why not just put it in the ep itself?
Ok, so where is this bloody preview scene for which I've been hunting since 11:01pm last Sunday, eh Asta? Cough it up, girl! Our local comcast isn't giving up the ghost.

And can I just say how much I hate this move to Sunday? I have been getting my sci-fi on Friday 10pm since the dawn of Stargate SG-1 on Showtime a decade ago. I loved having the weekend to re-watch it, mull it over, and post my thoughts. Now, it's like, it's over, time to put the boy to bed, maybe rewatch it if I'm still conscious at midnight, and then have to work all week and never get my squee post done. I feel, well, darned unsettled without my weekly fix!

A link to the preview clip was posted on the spoiler comm, but in case you missed it it can be found here. I checked Comcast out last night to see if they had that scene or any others posted, but no such luck.

The Sunday night switch has really screwed up rewatching, posting and discussion. It's bad when I have to sit down and start writing up thoughts on an ep I haven't seen yet on Saturday night becuase I can't figure out another time to work it in.
Yeah, I finally found it on the spoiler comm about half an hour ago, and of course, it just left me in a bigger state of headdesking with a ginormous what the frak is this tripe? I am curious to see how your epiphany plays out, because truly, I am just beating my head against my monitor at this point.

I wonder what it would take to get Sci Fi to stop frakking with a good thing and return us to the sg-1, sg-a, bsg Friday line up when everyone had their best ratings. Not that sg-1 will be there much longer, but at the very least, produce a solid 3 hours worth staying up to rewatch all 3 hours again and then up on Saturday am for morning coffee and meta with my mates. This new schedule SUCKS!

Listen to me, Sci Fi. Sunday = Football. Friday = Sci Fi. Capiche?
On first viewing, I was going WTF? This makes no sense! And then on repeated viewing I was like, wait, if you take this into consieration and look at it this way, yeah, it actually does make sense.

I am curious to see how the rest fo the episode plays out because it may just not be a good ep across the board. But if this is the only WTF? moment then I think my theory has validity.