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Just When You Think Sci-Fi Can't Get Any Dumber

The podcast for 'Taking a Break from All Your Worries', the episode airing two days from now, is up.   I guess Sci-FI forgot they moved the show.  Sigh.  As much as I am a spoilerwhore, I draw the line at listening to the commentary before I see the episode.  Especially when I don't know that much about the episode.  So my recap will not be up until next week, not that I expect many of you, or any of you, are dying to hear what Ron has to say. 

I do have another reason for not wanting to listen to the podcast.  I have a theory and I don't want to hear it shot to hell just yet.  I watched a preview clip for the ep earlier today.  OK, I might have watched it six times.  Shut up.  And over the course of watching it that many times my opinion changed as to what I was seeing and what it meant and how there was something more there just below the surface.  As I started jotting down notes and thinking about it in tems of other developments on the show I had an epiphany in regards to Lee Adama and, I swear, much of my anger and bitterness about his character this season fell away.  Accept for the fat suit, there is NO excuse for that.  Anyway, I was happy that things fell into place for me and excited to write up what I had come up with when it hit me - I had to wait three more days to share.  ::sighs some more:: 

And as long as I'm going on about an ep yet to air, apparently there is a bonus scene at the end of the ep. I have no idea what that means.  That vague bit of info was posted by an Admin at the Sci-Fi forum and they would give no further detail.  I guess just don't turn off the TV as soon as the credits finish. 
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