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Stargate and Movies and Jamie, oh my!

Check out my new icon created by the brilliant widget285. You can check out her complete batch of icons here. She's the first of my wonderfully talented friends to icon Jamie's recent wacky, but stunning photo shoot. If you haven't seen them yet, check them out here.

I've been working on my Lee Adama epiphany post (not it's official title). It looks like a rambly mess to me right now, but I should know better than to write with a headache. I'll give it a polish tomorrow and then post after the ep airs. I'll save my praise/bitching for the bulk of the ep for a separate post.

I meant to post last weekend about Pan's Labyrinth which is just a stunning, brilliant, thought-provoking, disturbing, painful, joyful movie to watch. Even though it is often times bleak and violent (I am not squeemish, but had to cover my eyes several times), I took away from it a sense of hope. While there is evil in the world, there is good. And as horrific as life can be, it goes on.

Today I saw The Painted Veil. Two things stuck out in my mind - gorgeous scenery and Naomi Watts and Edward Norton are two of our finest actors and why don't they win more awards? Oh, right, they aren't flashy actors. They don't chew scenery or try to upstage their co-star. They don't have catch phrases. (Yes, I am still bitter that Cuba Gooding won an Oscar for Jerry Maguire the same year that Edward was nominated for Primal Fear.) Both actors can convey more just by being then by reading a page of dialogue.

And now for something not quite so deep...

Yet another sign that danceswithwords has gotten her hooks into me I was far happier than I ever could have imagined at seeing Don Davis back. I don’t think I was really able to appreciate General Hammond and what he contributed to the show until recently.

Has SG-1 set a record for AU storylines? I’m thinking yes. But since I’m a sucker for ‘what if’ possibilities I generally enjoy these outings. Here things seem to have largely gone off the rails after the Stargate’s existence was revealed. And much of what they established happened to the characters makes sense. Carter would stay with the program, continuing to focus on defeating the Ori. With a world at war, they would need Hammond’s experience and stability at Stargate headquarters. No longer exploring the galaxy or interested in the fate of other civilizations, Teal’c would return to his people. Vala must have slipped through the Gate right before they shut it down and, yeah, they'd jail her. And Daniel suffers the same fate thanks to MS’s paternity leave. ;) One curious absence was Jack. While I didn’t expect RDA to make an appearance here, I find it very strange Sam didn’t ask about him considering he’s a key link to her past. Even if they had said he died in a tragic fishing accident I would have been OK with it, but no mention?

Seeing how Cameron Mitchell ended up without the Stargate program is devastating. Even if there was no President Landry and fascist regime in place, it occurred to me that the show has established that Cameron really needs to be a part of SG-1. He was desperate at the start of season 9 to get the team back together. That was born of wanting to work with the best of the best, but it seems to me without those people and the mission to focus on Cameron Mitchell would be a very different person. Not an embittered alcoholic stuck in a wheelchair, but certainly not the man we know now.

I’ve never had feelings one way or another about General Landry, he’s just there. I really hated President Landry. I don’t know if I should fault the writing or Beau Bridges, but I didn’t feel he regretted all that much what he had become and what he was doing to the country and the world.

I'm not sure if it’s because of BSG or ‘24’ or any other show tackling current events at the moment, but SG-1 seems to be making a greater effort to have the show reflect the world we live in. I applaud the effort, however, they aren’t quite hitting the mark. Last week they raised some interesting ideas about religion, but took the quick and easy way out, as they are prone to do. And this week I felt the topics of presidential power, governmental control, and self interest were at times handled with the subtly of a charging rhino.

So Rodney and Sam were married. Huh. I don’t quite see that ever happening, but I enjoyed seeing Sam play into Rodney’s ego and that was a really nice reaction by DH at finding out *his* Sam was dead. And if anyone could drive Landry to clean up his act and right the wrongs he has committed it is probably Rodney.

The ending was great, showing how much a family, even the relative newbies, they all have become. I have one tiny quibble which I'm sure most will disagree with me on and that's Vala's hug. It's not the hug itself, it just seems to me that at times they are making Vala too cute in her actions.
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