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When Did I Last Post?

I'm being Ms Anti-Social at the moment. Today is Day 1 of Moving Day at work. My department's new space is finally complete and we can begin lugging our crap down the hall. Unfortunately, we are also expected to do our normal work. Anyway, one of my co-workers convinced our boss to spring for lunch for us. While the rest of my group is sitting around our new/used conference room table, I'm sitting at my desk eating and posting. I'd rather catch up with all of you. :)

First off, because I didn't forget, just didn't find a moment to post, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!! to onlyoot. Sorry to read your were under the weather. I hope you can have a proper celebration this weekend. :)

And I whined to talked with a few of you about my recent fic writing struggles, but things seem to be back on track. I was getting close to the flailing point with my ShAgathon fic. As of Tuesday I had written nothing (and I'm a sloooooow writer) and it's due next Wednesday. Tuesday night I forced myself to sit down and write something, anything, and hope that inspiration would strike. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do and had decided on a time frame, location, what certain triggers would be, and ended up writing about 800 words. I have to say it was the most difficult writing experience I've had yet. I just wasn't feeling the characters at all and their words and actions felt staged rather than organic. I decided to sleep on it, look at it with fresh eyes, and see if I could find a way to make it work. By the time I got to work on Wednesday I decided to chuck the whole thing.

Fortunately, and I'm not sure how it hit me, I came up with something to change one of the characters motivations. I also decided to go with another setting I had thought about using and to open it with a tiny bit of humor rather than the character lamenting where they were at personally right now. By the time I left work I had about a thousand words and more story to tell. By the time I shot it off to my beta last night/early this morning, I had 3,200 words.

I'm reasonably happy with it considering it was such a struggle. Surprisingly, it wasn't writing for a new character (Helo) that was giving me fits or the secondary characte. It was a pretty straightforward and general prompt that had me staying up nights. I think my problem was overthinking it or trying to stick too much to canon since I'm a canon girl. I also came to realize after checking my word count I will never be writing drabbles. ;)

And some brief thoughts on various TV shows...

I was in the very, very small minority who loved last week's episode, but most people thought this weeks was a solid outing. I liked that House was House without anyone trying to explain or adjust his behavior. I liked the doctor/researcher because she had a snappy retort for everything House threw at her. Now, why can't we have her back? it would make sense to see her again since she works at the hospital and it's entirely possible House would need to go to her at some point for assistance. Dear writers, we don't need to bring in assholish characters as plot contrivances to teach House a lesson and create totally unrealistic drama.

My absolute favorite moment of the episode was when Foreman became House and didn't even realize it. Three years ago would he have done a colonoscopy without the parents approval? Would the idea of even come to him that their time with their son was limited and he could sneak into his room without their knowledge? And House was as proud as any father! (Also loved House playing look out.)

I don't mention this show much, but I do love it. Actually, I love the Taylor family and, by extension of sorts, Matt Saracen. I think my favorite moment of the series thus far occurred this week. As Julie goes moping off to her room after incurring the anger of her father, she mentions Matt making her life miserable by making her quarterback. Kyle Chandler just nailed the next beat, "Matt Saracen made you quarterback?" And, not that he isn't proud of all his daughters accomplishments and that she really is a good kid, but there is this thrill that comes from him as he realizes his daughter is starting quarterback! And they were so cute practicing plays out in the front of the house. I never felt that Coach Taylor lamented not having a son, but he appreciated that he got that moment to share his passion with his daughter.

OK, Rebecca Romijn does not suck. I had some concerns and she did seem a little wooden last week. But when Alexis finally had it out with Daniel in the bumper cars as to why she faked her death because her father told her he'd rather see him dead I actually thought, 'Awwwwwww'. Yeah, she sold me on Alexis's pain there. I'm still a little iffy on whether the character was needed, but I don't hate that the cast her in the role.

Like Justin, I love Wilhelmina. Her rant on no office birthday parties because the next thing you know it's Secret Santa and casual Friday not only cracked me up, but I TOTALLY agree with her. ;-)

I think I'm done with this show. Sorry writteninstars. :( As much as I loathed the Lee/Kara arc on BSG, the show has always had soapish-aspects and it is a drama. But J.D. not knowing he's stillgoing to ba a father? Kim, who I liked, lying to him after he went on and on about how much he was looking forward to doing all those Dad things? I was pissed. Not to mention, it's just not as funny as it use to be. And would someone please tell Christa Miller to stop doing whatever it is she's doing to her face. She looks like she's constantly squinting and has her lips pursed together.

I'd talk about this week's SG-1, but I apparently picked the torrent from Hell. :/
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