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GBP and Woo Hoo! (Maybe)

First off, I need to wish danceswithwords a Happy Birthday! Now, I could make a big deal about it being her birthday and go on and on about her many fine qualities, but she'd hate that. And since I may be sleeping with her in eight months I think it best to stay on her good side. :)

OK, wisteria_ was the first on my Flist to post news of BSG's likely renewal. Here's the link from the SciFi board that started it all. The guy reporting the news has been more accurate than not in the past and given Jamie's comment in his recent radio interview that one of the producers seemed pretty covinced they were returning we probably will be getting a fourth season.

Here's the bad news, the premiere date is January which means an eleven month hiatus. =( However, we will get a two hour movie in September. Though this will probably be the standalone film there was some talk about a couple months ago. Also, they are just being renewed for 13 episodes. No shock since costs are a concern and I actually have no problem with this development since in the two 20 episode seasons we've had there have been some real clunckers. And Ron will (hopefully) have to concentrate more on story and less on the soap opera.
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