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Where do I begin? There were just soooo many problems with this episode. The big one is the set up. SG1 has been causing trouble and making peoples lives miserable for ten years and just now someone gets the idea to put a bounty on their head? To make matters worse, separating the entire team does not make for good drama. I felt like nothing really connected. And, sadly, this unbeatable team didn’t survive because of anything they did. They’re only still here because every single bounty hunter made a lazy or stupid mistake.

And while I loved seeing Ben and Claudia off on their own together (Have any two actors ever had better chemistry than these two? Which makes buying Daniel/Vala impossible for me.) they had to send John and Aeryn Cam and Vala to Kansas??? And, gee, having bounty hunters after them didn’t help stop the Farscape flashbacks. We just needed Rygel and Chiana to suddenly appear and ask them if they were ready to come home now. ;)

The black dress looked fabulous on Claudia; the Daisy Dukes (Cam even called her Daisy!) made me cringe. I did enjoy her explaining her relationship with Cam to his parents. Speaking of the parents, the actor playing his father only looks about ten years older than Ben.

danceswithwords warned me about the bus saving Daniel’s ass. Yeah, I was expecting to find out there was another bounty hunter behind the wheel, but, no she was just stupid and stepped in front of a bus that apparently no one else saw or heard given the shocked reactions. Sigh.

Ok, Amy or whatever her name was, Cam is still hung up on her? Really? I mean, she’s attractive and nice, but I couldn’t understand him falling out of a chair (funny, btw) or being speechless in her presence. And I realized that she was played by Peter Deluise’s wife and that added a whole other lever of weirdness. (Not to mention she’s already been on the show as another character.)

Oh, one bit of follow up on ‘Ascension’ since I ended up rewatching part of the ep. Um, haven’t they dealt with invisible aliens before? Why wouldn’t they believe Sam and act like she was crazy?

Red Sky – That village may be the cheapest looking ‘Stargate’ village ever. And don’t get me started on the acting. I was ready to completely write this episode off until Jack attacked the elder/priest/whatever for causing the death of two of his men. That was some really, really nice work by RDA. He must have appreciated getting such a dramatic moment to play after having to be Mr Comic relief most weeks. The only problem is two minutes later we are back to quippy Jack. I will say the Asgard reasoning for not getting involved actually made sense to me. And I, too, missed Thor.

Right of Passage – Eh. I’m sorry, but I really don’t care about Cassandra and, wow, the resolution to her illness sucked. We still don’t know why she was made sick and to what end. And a hand wave (literally!) cures her.

Beast of Burden – Chaka On (sp?) sounds way too much like Chaka Kahn. Did no one hear that during filming? I liked this episode more than I expected. Once again, the show addressed the harm they can potentially do when getting involved with other cultures. Michael Shanks did some very nice work as Daniel dealt with his guilt over inadvertently leading Chaka to be captured. And as he tried to make things right, things only got worse. I was actually a little sad when he gave up, admitted there is no way of talking themselves out of this, and that’s Jack’s methods were needed. At the end of the ep, Chaka is free but stays to lead an uprising among his people. Jack points out they just started a war. This could have been a huge moment if not undercut by the fact that these aliens rebelling were slaves out to gain their freedom. SG1 easily dips its toe in the water of moral quandaries, but can’t seem to take the plunge.

The Tomb - Ok, the cold war is over, the Russian bashing/distrust seems antiquated to me. Though, given Jack’s lengthy career in the military I suppose it is believable that he personally has had bad experiences with the Russians and lingering resentments. For all the times the show looks kind of cheap, they did a really nice job with the interior of the ziggurat (not pyramid ;). Making their way trough the maze of corridors with only flashlights to guide them created a creepy and foreboding atmosphere. And Seelix was the lone survivor! ;-)

Between Two Fires – Chancellor Travell needs to check out The Empire Strikes Back. Cutting a deal with the henchman of an evil overlord never works out well. Narim did the right thing in destroying the weapons; the Goa’uld would have destroyed/enslaved planets right and left and the Asgard would probably have been unable to stop them. But contrary to what Jack said, pushing Narim to do the right thing seemed motivated solely by the desire to save earth. And while they were making a run for the Stargate did they holler for anyone else to follow them? Oh, and Narim having the computer voice sound like Sam? Creepy. She just attracts all the weirdos, doesn’t she?

2001 – The sequel/prequel to 2010. I liked this ep a lot and it was interesting to see Joseph be the one to help Sam set up the Aschen and ultimately sacrifice his life (maybe – this is ‘Stargate’) for her cause considering we know in the other timeline he was a knowing participant in the Aschen plan.

Desperate Measures – I’m not a fan of Sam as victim in need of rescuing, but I did enjoy (a lot) the buddy dynamic between Jack and Maybourne. Maybourne seemed to genuinely be concerned about Sam’s welfare and wanted to make things right (which confused me a little). And I actually felt bad for the guy when he was wrongly accused of shooting Jack. Um, Kinsey dies or goes to prison at some point, right? God I hate him. Ronny Cox is too damn good at playing villains.

Wormhole X-treme – I actually skipped watching this on Friday. I’ve seen it before and am not a fan. The ep that introduced Martin I liked. ‘200’ I loved. But this ep leaves me very meh.

For anyone reading this who is a fan of the age of sail and feels like being creative (or enjoys the creative endeavors of others), check out the new aos_challenge created by romanticalgirl and nolivingman.

Since I haven’t really talked about it on LJ, here’s my official announcement that I will be leaving for Orlando on Thursday, partly to just kick back and relax (hopefully) and partly to see Jamie and Mary at Mega Con. If you are attending or live in the Orlando area, let me know. I’m going solo so I’m open to meeting new folks. :)

Between now and then I have a bunch of travel stuff to take care of, work to get ahead on, a fic to finish, a BSG post to write, and a podcast to recap. No, I’m not freaking out. O_o

Speaking of Cons, it dawned on me that with Season 4 of BSG possibly not airing until January and the actors not called back to work yet that a rumored June start date for filming could be true. Which would make an August break doubtful and makes me wonder about Jamie, Katee, and any others attending Dragon*Con. Maybe we should prepare now for the worst. :/

And, in closing, Sting has either made a deal with Satan or the Goa’uld. ;-)

ETA: greycoupon just posted that Jamie looks to be guest starring on Cold Case next Sunday. TV.Com has him listed in the credits. He did recently talk about a guest starring on a series and not being used to such a rigid working environment where the actors aren't allowed any imput. Maybe this is it?
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