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It's Nearly Official

I was doing my daily scan of the SciFi Forum and a poster by the name Sephiroth144 posted that Season 4 is a go. Apparently he spoke with Ron and David at the WGA awards last night and they told him the show was being renewed. To further confirm this news Terry Moore on Page 5 of the thread had this to say:

Everyone who likes the show, should be very happy. All is well. No one has been reprimanded or chastised, no budgets have been cut, no instructions have been given to do or change anything, there are no caveats or exclusion clauses, pick your metaphor. Everyone is happy, the production, the studio, the network.

Sure, I suppose SciFi could change their mind in the next few days, but I'd say it's doubtful at this point.
Tags: battlestar galactica s4
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