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Mark Your Calendars!

Jamie has been busy over the hiatus. :) This information was posted last night by greycoupon and just now at jamiebambernews by pandora_576. Jamie will be appearing on the following shows this month:

Sunday, February 18th at 9est - Cold Case: Blood on the Tracks

Friday, February 23rd at 8est - Ghost Whisperer: The Walk-In

Not a GW fan, but, hey, it's got a substantial audiance as does CC so this is great exposure. And I'm thrilled he's getting non-BSG work. I'm glad the move to LA is working out for him.

Typical, it's Bamber Sunday and I'll be out of town. Though, maybe I could ask Jamie about the shows? Hey, danceswithwords, I think I'm going to spring for internet on Sunday. ;-)
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