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It's Official!

BSG Renewed for a 4th Season.

It doesn't say so in the press release, but rumor has it that there is a possability they could extend the episode order. I heard the actors contracts expire on the 18th. Maybe SciFi just needed to announce a renewal to guarantee their continued services and are unsure of how many episdoes they wish to air?

There will still be about a sixth month gap between when filming starts and when the new season airs. So, depending on how you look at it, good news/bad news on the spoiler front. ;)
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I'm actually happiest for you that they renewed the show. :)

But I have to admit that I hope they don't extend the episode order if it will keep the quality high through the whole season.
I'll definitely settle for quality over quantity. And instead of three to four months to work on scripts they'll have six so this should be the best season EVA! Hey, I'm trying to stay optimistic. ;)
If the more limited number of eps means that they can drop the filler-fluff and keep the story arcs more focused, that would be fine. But...if we're really going to have to wait 9 freaking months after the season 3 finale until season 4....aaaaaaagggghhhh!

The interrim TV movie is an intriguing twist. My guess is it will be flashback story so that it doesn't necessarily impact the continuity between season 3 and season 4.
If thirteen eps mean no soap opera angst or serial killer storylines I am all for a 13 episode season.

We survived a seven month hiatus before so maybe a nine month hiatus with a movie won't be so bad. The film isn't suppose to affect continuity, so maybe set it before the attacks? Ohhhh, how about going back to the time of Zak's death?
Ohhhh, how about going back to the time of Zak's death?
I've wondered about that possibility too. I would LOVE to actually finally see the big blow up between Lee and Bill after Zak's funeral...and it might also help explain some of the recent soap opera if we had a chance to see why Lee ever became enamored over Kara in the first place. It might also explain some recent comments that David Eick made about the movie if certain other season 3.5 rumors also turn out to be true (but that's a spoiler discussion, so I'll bite my tongue).
Fandom breathes a collective sigh of relief; the trolls go into their holes for the day. ;)
Yay! I'm actually kind of rooting for the shorter season; it will help tighten things up, I think.