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I just posted a full Con recap (Jamie and Mary portion) at jamiebambernews. Here is a direct link. Now, normally, I'd post here and link there, but, if you read the recap, you'll see I have reasons for posting there directly. ;-)

Between uploading pics and typing up everything it took about four hours and since Jamie is on Cold Case in 40 minutes, the Farscape stuff won't be up until later, maybe tomorrow when I get back home.

I just have to say I had a fabulous time, I wish you all could have been here, and I missed you all terribly. Never let me go to a Con alone again!
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Wow. I'm glad you had a good time and thank you so much for recapping. I got such a kick out of their Lee/Laura jokes. And I'm very impressed with your ability to hold coherent conversations with these guys.

I think I developed a tiny crush on Jamie's nose. God help me.

OMG, if I didn't love them already, the World Cup comment about Italy and France made me smile like a maniac
What a nice shipper experience for you!! Your recap was fabulous - a lot more interesting than tonight's ep. Sounds like Mary has a little crush on Jamie! :0)

Really hope Jamie will show at D*C, then we can all be fangirly together!
I hope Jamie is at DC because every fan should have the opportunity to meet him at least once. :)
Oh, I met him at Shore Leave last year. He *is* lovely, between the ears as well as all over. What impressed me most was how polite he was with everyone, even after a long day of smiling for the camera and (presumably) fending off grabby fans.

I'm sorta tempted to go to the Creation Con, only because they have that breakfast or dinner thing with the celebs. Gods, I wish there was a way to spirit him away for a nice dinner!! No hanky-panky (that would be after dinner, *g*) - I think it would be awesome to just hang out with him and a glass of wine in a relaxed setting. (Not that the con events are like that.)
Thank u for sharing this! Loved to read the report. You are a very lucky girl. Jamie was really nice and Mary really beautiful!
Thanks for the very detailed report! However, knowing that Jamie Bamber is the one who pushed for the quadrangle and that he thinks it's fantastic makes me wish the writers would stop listening to the actors. It's only one of the many regrettable developments in BSG lately, but damn, it was really lame.
I'm willing to cut him a tiny bit of slack because I think his "fantastic" comment is based on the idea and the extended cuts of episodes he's privy too that we aren't. To be honest, if I saw the one hour twenty minute version I may have been more forgiving of what we did see. Still, I think there was a way to convey some of the things he wanted to convey without going down this particular road.
At this point, he's probably seen the aired episodes, no? In any case, he's not responsible for all the bad storylines and weird choices we've seen lately (I blame the showrunners and the writers), but man, this quadrangle storyline was made of lame from the beginning to the end. The idea that he encouraged it makes me doubt the usual "at least JB has good ideas" comments I often see. I understand his point of view, because he's an actor, so of course he'll encourage anything that gives him juicy scenes to act, and of course there was no chance that this particular storyline would sideline him. So yes, it was good for him as an actor. But for the poor TV viewers? Oi. Even if it had been well-filmed, it's much too soap operaish for BSG, at least what BSG used to be.
WOW .....how cool, and it sounded like you had some great conversations with Mary, and Jamie....long chats with Jamie....I don't know how you did it....I would have been like a smittin' school girl! Thank you for the LONG post, made me feel like I was there withy you :)