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Home Again

I'm back safe and relatively sound. I knew my luck was going to run out though. Not only did I have a fabulous con experience, I got bumped to first class on the flight back. Then after sharing con pics with my mom who, btw, seeing Mary and Jamie side by side sees no reason why Laura and Lee shouldn't hook up on the show ;), I came home to watch this week's BSG BSG. Turns out the cable had a glitch and recorded a 'no access' message. As it also did for two SG1 eps. Sigh. But I can watch at 11....accept it's now on Tuesdays at 11. So, now I'm trying plan B and it's slow going. Argh. I hate being this out of the loop.

I'll have more con reports this week. The Farscape panel discussion is mostly written up. Unortunately, the pics did not turn out well since the room was very dark and they didn't want flash photography. And there is some other miscellaneous stuff that I am sure will come to me.
Tags: mega con 2007
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