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BSG: A Day in the Life

Due to a variety of factors I ended up reading quite a few reviews of this ep before actually watching it. I think it’s safe to say the reactions ranged from mixed to not happy. After finally seeing the ep this afternoon, while I do agree it has its faults, I liked it, a lot. (You may guess why. ;)

Let me get the Tyrol/Cally stuff out of the way. I’m still at a bit of a loss as to how this had anything to do with Adama’s storyline. Adama had a marriage going bad and took a hike. Tyrol feels like he’s going through a rough patch. Um, that’s the parallel?

I actually think it’s kind of interesting that Tyrol isn’t happily married guy. We aren’t really sure why he married Cally. She loved him and he probably felt guilty about beating the crap out of her. And it wouldn’t be a huge leap to think he just wanted to start a family, have something to call his own, and perhaps he thought she was his best bet. But now with the demands of a baby and a whiny wife, it’s taking its toll on him. I’m rather stunned that Cally thinks she can just stay at home and be a mom. Everyone has to make sacrifices and they are pretty damn lucky to have private quarters and day care so quit complaining Cally!

What I ultimately really didn’t like about their story is Tyrol’s revelation that he wanted her with him and wasn’t thinking about Nick. That doesn’t really jive with him hanging out at a bar instead of being with his wife or dreading going up those stairs to see her. Once the ‘I almost lost her’ moment passes will he feel the same? And where does Seelix who is obviously crushing on the guy fit into all this? I’m trying to determine if it was sweet she brought Nick to see him or a little creepy how cozy she was holding him and playing mommy for a few minutes.

Laura was awesome and Mary was just so cute! Of course, her going to the gym to work out is fanfic gold. Well, if you ship a certain couple. ;) And even if, damn it, they weren’t in the same room there was some definite Lee/Laura second hand interaction there. I expected to have to do some handwaving with Lee becoming involved with the law, but I really don’t feel that I have to because she set forth very convincing reasons as to why it should be him. It’s believable that there is very little legal talent left in the fleet. And because I work with lawyers, her comment about herding cats rings true. As does stating that just because someone knows the law it doesn’t mean they necessarily know right from long – but Lee does. Which, Woo Hoo!, harkened back to KLG when he supposedly mutinied, but it was the right thing.

Lee’s reaction to all this? OMG, I want to have that scene’s babies. It was just so…perfect. And when I say perfect I mean Jamie’s performance. He’s said in interviews, repeatedly, that one of the things that has dragged Lee down, led to his self-doubt and depression, is that he feels trapped by the war and his position on Galactica. Where does he have to go? He can only advance in the military if his father dies and he feels he can’t abandon his people for “a pipe dream”. It was just fabulous that Lee got to finally voice these feelings, however subtly, on screen. I could feel the sense of loss he has been carrying all this time. He did choose to go into the military, partly out of social responsibility I assume, partly because of a desire to gain his father’s approval. Adama abandoned the family (more on that in a minute) and Lee most likely saw this as a way to bring him back into his life.

I have to admit when Lee said, “You’re kidding?”, in response to Laura wanting him, er, for the job, I immediately translated it too, ”She remembers me???”. ;) I loved Adama’s telling him that she picked him because she needs someone she can trust and he definitely fits that. Again, a subtle acknowledgment between the two of events in KLG.

I also liked that they didn’t establish that Lee longed to be an attorney, but it had been one of a dozen jobs he had considered, maybe would have chosen after leaving the military, but this isn’t a dream come true for him. Lee doesn’t need a war as Dee told him in ‘Precipe/Occupation’ but he does need something to challenge and engage him and, frankly, he’s in a rut as CAG with no other hope of getting out of it. Yet, it’s so Lee that he put aside his personal feelings and didn’t jump at the chance, rather, he points out that being CAG is a full time job and his people need him.

This episode changed a lot from an early draft. For a better break down of the changes and a look at the sides, check out wisteria_’s episode analysis. Briefly, Carolanne was not an alcoholic shrew (though she still did become emotionally abusive after Adama left), she threw Adama out/made him leave after discovering from Tigh that he reupped in the military without telling her, and Lee tells Adama that he can do the math and knows Carolanne was pregnant with him when they married. While I would have liked to have seen the show go with the more complex characterization of Carolanne and the Adama marriage as the sides described, I’m glad the dropped the had to get married plot point. I remember reading the sides, coming to the bit about her being pregnant, and thinking, ‘Great, yet another thing Lee can feel guilty about.’ You know he would blame himself for his parent’s unhappiness even though his conception was beyond his control. I enjoyed Lee finally letting the pain bubble to the surface and unleashing his anger (Damn you Bill for shutting him down!), but no more guilt please. And Lee’s “I don’t think she ever loved you” still makes sense. People marry people they don’t love all the time without an unplanned pregnancy involved. I think the flashbacks (granted, they were from Adama’s POV) did a reasonable job of showing she had feelings for Adama, but not necessarily love. Maybe she was enamored with the hot shot viper pilot? Maybe she was trying to piss off her parents? It really doesn’t matter.

So what does the revelation about Carolanne say about Lee’s relationship with Kara? On one hand, I could have lived without them sharing abusive mother issues (though I think it’s safe to say Kara had it worse). On the other hand, this does help to explain some things. No wonder Lee flounders at relationships and is lost as to how to make one work. Hell, I give him points for at least trying instead of running away and Dee definitely seems like the right choice in terms of emotional health. I don’t honestly think Lee is attracted to Kara because he’s a glutton for punishment or he doesn’t know anything else. He knows how messed up his mom was and why Adama ran. Lee could never help or fix his mother and Lee has a desire to make things better. He wants someone to lean on him as well as lean on them. He has that with Dee. He wanted/wants that with Kara. It’s why I think he’s pushed her so much when it would have been best to give her space. He’s been desperate to help her, make things right for her, but he’s failing to see that the person has to do that for themselves. So, I don’t think Lee has an oedipal complex. He just sees the same patterns and, as an adult, ways he thinks he can change them.

When it’s been implied that Adama was an absentee father I assumed that meant he was gone for months at a time. Now I’m thinking years. He had no clue as to what Lee and Zak were going through? Or did he choose not to see it because it made his decision to bail easier? Yeah, he really is a horrible father and the fact that Lee admires him and has anything to do with him at all amazes me.

To show Lee has grown, his “Is it ticking?” in response to the mysterious box shows he can joke about his difficult relationship with his father and not just be angry about it all the time. And we all know that Adama was never going to tell Lee he was sorry or that he screwed up, so the only thing he has left to offer Lee are the books and the possibility of a different life than he has right now.

Random things:

How can Adama say that Lee has never had an interest in the law and then five minutes later recall how Lee use to go through his father’s law books every chance he got?

Helo’s flying again? Is his punishment over? Is everyone settled in Dogville? I suppose since Lee wanted to make sure the pilots, all of them, didn’t lose their edge after 49 days without a Cylon attack, it makes sense that all the personal go through the training exercises. They may need Helo in the air again in the future.

Ok, the bit between Helo and Hot Dog was funny, but what was the point?

Loved seeing the Lee/Kara friendship and her being so supportive of him, but a transition from the OMG ANGST to this would have been nice.

Laura said, “The Caprica Six.” It’s interesting that she’s acknowledging Caprica as an individual.

When Adama was chewing everyone out because they couldn’t come up with a plan to save Cally and Tyrol right that very second, I liked that Lee kept his cool, didn’t automatically back down, and pointed out how Adama’s brilliant suggestion wasn’t going to work.

Dear writers, we just got done with the Lee/Dee/Kara/Anders soap fest, let’s not go there with Laura and Adama now, OK?
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  • House Finale

    I think I'd have to watch this episode at least two more times before being able to properly analyze. Damn them for believing there is such a thing…

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