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(Insert Year Here) Is Off to a Pretty Good Start

First off, just in case I missed thanking anyone earlier, THANK YOU! for all the birthday wishes. There seemed to be a common theme about what you hoped I would get which is incredibly kind of you, but also makes me think I'm becoming a wee bit predictable. ;)

I got some swell gifts today from dragonfly0303, reckleslinguist, and, apparently, wickedgillie wants to keep me around for awhile because she gave me paid LJ time and icons. And I have space for five more now! Wheeeee!!!

On the downside today, I got my package of stuff I purchased at M&M World and one mug was smashed and another had the handle broken off. For what I paid for shipping they could have afforded to use bubble wrap. Suffice it to say, I will be making a phone call tomorrow to get new merchendise or credit.

And while I'm not sick, I do fear I may be coming down with something. I had that sick feeling this afternoon at work (though it could be just work ;), but I felt a bit better after I ate and relaxed this evening. Unfortunately, for some reason, I have a history of being sick ON my birthday, so I may have dodged that bullet, but a bug is lurking in my system.

. It was a more satisfying finale than I have seen for many series (and OMG has Ben gotten hot!), but I lost track of who ended up related to and in what way by the end. It all seemed very incestuous. And then there was Kirsten going into labor in their old home and, gee, one of the guys living there happens to be a midwife, and then they have the wedding in their backyard (I think, I was flipping around a bit) and ultimately being so moved they sell their house back to the Cohens. Uh-Huh. And people think Sci-Fi is far fetched. :p
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